How Self-Storage can help with your House Move


Moving house can be stressful, however, our Personal self-storage services at Incredible Bulk can help to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible! 

Our storage units at Incredible Bulk self-storage facility in Bradford range from small storage lockers to 250sqft in size and offer an affordable personal storage solution. Decluttering your home and placing some items into storage during house viewings may help your home to sell quickly.  Self-storage can also help you save money and move home in stages, or if you’re in between homes, self-storage can offer a secure space for your belongings while you’re in temporary accommodation. 

Take a look at these five situations in which self-storage can help when moving house. 

If you need to declutter 

As you approach moving day, you’re likely to realise just how much you own! Most removals companies often charge by the journey and the time it takes to pack and load the van, so decluttering your home before moving day can help save you time and money. By placing some of your furniture or household items into self-storage while you move, you can then move your belongings into your new home in stages, and find the perfect new place. 

If there are some items you’re ready to let go of, take a look at our blog post on how to make money from your clutter

If you’re in between homes 

If you’re involved in a chain when selling your property, it could mean that you find yourself in between homes for a while and need to stay with friends, family, or in temporary accommodation. Self-storage can offer an ideal solution when in-between homes, especially if you don’t require all of your belongings or furniture. You can then collect your stored possessions from Incredible Bulk when you move into your new Bradford home. 

If there are any unforeseen issues 

As mentioned, moving home can be stressful and things often don’t go to plan. If there are any unforeseen issues, then placing your items into a secure self-storage unit until you’re ready to continue with the move may be the best solution, especially if you’re left with all of your household items and a removals company that charges by the hour! 

If you need to renovate your home

If your new home requires some renovation work, or even just redecorating, then placing your belongings into self-storage is a great way to make sure you’ve got enough room to get the job done and avoid any unwanted paint splashes on your furniture. We also sell a great range of packing materials, including boxes, bubble wrap and dust covers, to make sure your belongings are kept clean, dry and protected in storage.  

If you’re moving overseas or away for work 

If you’re moving abroad or away for work, then self-storage can help make the process so much easier. It isn’t always necessary to take all of your furniture and household items with you, so placing your belongings into storage will allow you to move freely until you have your belongings shipped over to your new location, or you move back! Our flexible self-storage plans are available on both a long-term or short-term basis. 

If you have any questions regarding our personal storage service at Incredible Bulk,  please call our friendly and experienced team today on 01274 975 678.

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