How to avoid mistakes when moving home


Moving home is recognised as one of the more stressful life events. Whether you experience delays in the process, manage to lose a box or two, or accidentally break your favourite vase, something may go wrong!
Discover what not to do on moving day from the self-storage experts at Incredible Bulk.

1. Hire the Right Removal Company

When moving home, you must choose a removal company that you trust to take all your household items and belongings to your new home. Trying to do everything yourself can cause further issues, especially if there is heavy lifting and lots of packing involved. Hiring a removal company in advance can make moving day less stressful. 

Take a look at our recent guide on how to choose a removal company and ensure you receive a professional service.

2. Label Your Boxes

Labelling your boxes can help to ensure everything you own makes it to your new home. You may choose to use a colour-coded system for a quick load and unload or organise the boxes by room. As well as informing the removals company which boxes should go in which room, labelling your boxes can also make the unpacking process easier. 

Also, remember to pack a moving survival kit which you can easily access. You may include a kettle for a well-deserved brew, your toiletries, a duvet set and a fresh set of clothes for your first night’s stay in your new home.

3. Declutter Before Moving Day

Decluttering your home before moving day will help you avoid unnecessary trips and help create more space. If you’re not sure how to approach the decluttering process, check out our Incredible Bulk Declutter Formula to decide what to keep, store in self-storage, donate to charity or throw away.

4. Take Measurements

Another common mistake people make when moving home is forgetting to take measurements in advance. This can cause issues when carrying furniture through the home. To avoid stress on moving day, take a measuring tape with you on viewing day and take measurements of the door frames in the home, as well as any bulky furniture items. 
If you may struggle for space when first moving into your new home, why not book a short term self-storage solution? Our personal storage units in Bradford are ideal for storing furniture, boxes or household items while you decorate and make your new house a home.

5. Don’t leave Packing until the Last Minute

Packing your belongings when moving home should not be left until the last minute! Ideally, you will need at least a month to sort and declutter your belongings, take measurements and correctly pack away your items. 

At The Incredible Bulk Storage Supplies shop, we offer everything you need to move home, including durable moving boxes, specialist wardrobe cartons, tape, bubble wrap and furniture covers. 

For more information on moving home in Bradford, contact our self-storage team on 01274 975678.

Time to start packing!

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