How to Make Money From Your Clutter


Time to de-clutter? It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the number of belongings we accumulate over the weeks, months and years. If you’re ready to de-clutter and reclaim your space, then got a few tips for you. Check out these top 6 ways to de-clutter your home

Now that you’ve worked through your personal belongings, clothes, collectables and household items and decided what to keep, donate to charity, recycle or put in self-storage, you may also have some items that still hold value and can be sold. Discover how to make money from your clutter using the following platforms and marketplaces. 

Enjoy a Car Boot Sale

Traditional car boot sales have always been a great place to pick up a few bargains on a Saturday morning and is the place to turn your clutter into cash, especially if you have many items. A car boot sale allows you to sell different types of items on the same day, whether you’re selling some old gardening tools, kid’s toys or vintage homeware, it’s likely you’ll find a buyer. 

Doing a car boot sale can prove time-consuming, from waking up early to pack up the car to setting up the sale and spending the day there. So, if you’re short on time or need a quick sale from your clutter, then you may want to consider another way to sell your items. 

Discover Facebook Marketplace 

A simple and easy-to-use selling platform, Facebook Marketplace is a brilliant way to sell your clutter locally. Just take a few clear photos of your unwanted item, write a description and select a price. Whether you’re selling some old books for a couple of pounds, or you’re selling a sofa set for a few hundred, you’re likely to find someone in the local community or surrounding areas who will purchase it.

Pop it on Depop 

Depop is a fashion marketplace app and the perfect platform for selling your old clothes! If you have a few second-hand items and vintage clothing pieces, then why not set up a Depop shop and receive a fair price for your garments? Unique fashion and vintage sportswear items do particularly well, so make sure you search around the platform and compare the prices before uploading your items. 

Auction it on eBay 

As you’ll probably know, eBay is one of the biggest websites in the world for selling unwanted, second-hand and specialist items. If you’re not sure if your items have any value, then it’s well worth checking out eBay, you may be surprised what some people bid for! It’s a straightforward platform to use and relies heavily on customer experience, so make sure you communicate with your bidders and send bought items out on time to avoid any negative reviews! 

List it on Gumtree 

If you’re making a one-off sale, then Gumtree may be one of your best options as it allows you to list items and post classified ads free of charge. It’s the perfect platform to sell larger or more expensive items either locally or nationally. It’s possible to sell a wide range of items on Gumtree, from baby and kids stuff to musical instruments, office equipment and garden furniture. 

If you require self-storage for some of your clutter while you find a buyer or other belongings, take a look at our range of self-storage solutions at Incredible Bulk in Bradford. 

Time to start packing!

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