Top 6 Ways to De-Clutter Your Home


De-cluttering your home can feel like a daunting task, but there are many benefits to having an organised and clutter-free living space. Take a look at these top six ways to de-clutter your home with self-storage experts, Incredible Bulk. We offer a wide range of personal storage services in Bradford, so if you’re struggling for space don’t hesitate to call the team on 01274 975678. 

Tackle it room by room 

One of the best ways to de-clutter your home is to tackle the task room by room. Try to create a sorting system where you can decide which of your belongings are important or useful and should be kept, which have sentimental value, and which items no longer give you joy and should be recycled, donated, thrown away or stored. 

De-Clutter for 5 Minutes a day

If working through all of your possessions and deciding what to keep, recycle, throw away or put in storage, feels like too big of a job then why not try to de-clutter for just five minutes per day. You’ll soon make great progress! 

Work with the Seasons 

Putting seasonal items, such as your big, winter coats, into storage can help you to save valuable closet or wardrobe space. You may also decide to put all of your summer season items, such as your camping gear or holiday suitcases in personal storage during the winter. 

Take Before and After Photos 

Sometimes visually being able to witness your progress can motivate your de-cluttering journey. So, if you’ve finally tackled your kitchen counter or the cupboard under the stairs, celebrate your success with a good before and after photo. 

Get Organised! 

One of the most important aspects of de-cluttering your home is getting organised and finding a suitable place for all of your items. It’s a great opportunity to tidy your wardrobe, put up shelving for your personal belongings, make the most of under-bed storage and cupboards, and make sure you’re happy with the items you’re deciding to keep in your home. 

Make the Most of Storage Units

De-cluttering doesn’t have to mean throwing away anything you don’t need! If you have a fantastic collection but are struggling for space at home, then why not consider our personal self-storage services at Incredible Bulk. You may have a piece of furniture that you love, but are currently living in a furnished property and do not want to let it go. At Incredible Bulk, we offer secure storage units ideal for storing any household and personal items for as long as you require and can help you to save valuable space in your home! 

Visit the Incredible Bulk Self Storage Facility at Unit 9A, Whetley Mills, Thornton Road, Bradford, BD8 8LQ. 

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