Elf-Approved Essential Christmas Decoration Storage Tips


The festive season is here! As you deck the halls and trim the tree, proper Christmas decoration storage should be top of mind. Protecting your precious ornaments, lights, and holiday accents ensures they last for seasons to come.

In this article, our team covering storage in Bradford reveal tips and solutions for keeping Christmas decorations safe while packed away.

Use Christmas Decoration Storage Boxes

Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

One reason as to why you should use self storage over Christmas is sturdy plastic bins or ornament storage boxes are ideal for packing delicate Christmas decorations. Choose sizes to fit each decoration type. Don’t just throw decorations into any old box – proper storage containers designed for Christmas items will keep them secure while saving you from a tangled mess next year!

Bauble and Ornament Boxes

Carefully place baubles, ornaments, and small decor items in compartment boxes designed for protection. Wrap each one in tissue or bubble wrap first to prevent scratches, chips or cracks.

Pick boxes with dividers to separate and stabilise pieces so they don’t bang and break. Mini decorative christmas baubles and ornaments do best in sectioned plastic containers made just for Christmas decor.

Wreath and Garland Boxes

Wreaths, garlands, and other soft christmas decorations do best in flat storage bins. This keeps them neat and contained while preventing crushing damage. Look for longer, rectangular bins to accommodate length – no squishing allowed!

Flat bins keep fresh wreaths intact and prevent artificial greens from tangling and kinking. Make sure to thoroughly clean decorations before storing to prevent mould or pests.

Christmas Light Storage Boxes

A plastic bin designed for lights keeps strands untangled and organised. Use individual compartments or spool pieces around cardboard. Seal securely to prevent dust and moisture damage. Improperly stored lights can quickly become a tangled mess impossible to detangle.

Investing in proper light storage boxes saves tons of frustration when unpacking decor next Christmas. The right containers keep cords neatly coiled and bulbs protected.

Specialty Christmas Tree Bags

Christmas Tree Storage

Tree bags are specially sized to hold artificial and live trees for storage. Buy a bag suited to your specific tree type.

Bagging Artificial Trees

A tree bag for artificial trees has a wide, funnel-shaped opening. Slide the collapsed tree in and zip or cinch the bag closed. Store flat or stand upright. Artificial trees pack down surprisingly small. A properly sized tree storage bag makes storing hassle-free.

The wide opening allows easily sliding even 7-foot trees inside before sealing. Store out of sunlight to prevent fading.

Storing Live Trees

For live trees, use a mesh tree storage bag. After removing ornaments, stand the tree inside and close the bag loosely to allow airflow. Live trees need breathability so mesh bags are ideal.

Close loosely and store in a sheltered area on its stand. A bag prevents shedding needles and protects from pests.

Utilise Tricks For Packing

christmas bauble storage

Use these tips when packing up Christmas decor for storage. Protecting pieces properly prevents problems next season.

Wrap Delicate Items

Swaddle fragile bulbs, figurines, icicles and fragile ornaments individually before packing in boxes. Bubble wrap, tissue or newspaper prevents dings.

Going the extra mile keeps treasured decor looking beautiful season after season. Take time to carefully wrap special bulbs, figures and vintage ornaments before packing.

Santa’s Sign-Off!

Write a list of contents on each storage box. Also include any notes like “fragile.” This keeps pieces organised and undamaged. Sharpie labels directly on bins or use adhesive labelling.

Can’t remember where you stored the velvet poinsettias or mercury glass ornaments? Labels jog your memory next Christmas!

Store By Colour

Pack ornaments and tinsel in boxes by colour. This simplifies finding specific hues next season. Use dividers or individual small boxes.

Separating colour families streamlines accessorising trees and wreaths. Group gold, silver, red, green, blue and specialty colours for easy mixing and matching.

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Santa’s Sign-Off!

With proper storage methods and materials, you can keep Christmas decor looking its best for many holidays to come. Follow these tips to safely store your festive accents until next season. Investing a little time into properly packing decor ensures Christmas cheer for years to come!

Once the fun and festive season is over and a new year begins, it’s time to take down the decorations. Storing your festive decorations and Christmas tree in a self-storage unit until the next year will keep them safe, organised and allow for easy access next year! 

To find out more about our seasonal storage solutions over the winter months, call our experienced Incredible Bulk team on 01274 975678 or visit us at Unit 9A, Whetley Mills,

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Time to start packing!

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