The Benefits of Storing Seasonal Clothing


If you’re like most people, you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you only wear during certain seasons. Storing these items can be a hassle, taking up valuable space in your home, but did you know that there are many benefits to storing seasonal clothing at a self storage facility?

Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s worth considering: 

1. It saves space

It can be tough keeping everything managed and organised in a home, especially if you’re living in a small space. With less square footage, it’s important to make use of every available storage option, which is where self-storage comes into play.

By storing seasonal items in a storage unit, you’re freeing up valuable wardrobe and drawer space. And when your home is more organized and clutter-free, you’ll enjoy a sense of peace that comes from living in a spacious and well-ordered environment.

2. It keeps clothes in good condition

With seasonal clothing, these items often spend more time in storage than they do in use. While it may be tempting to simply leave them in the back of your wardrobe, making the effort to store them properly can help to keep them looking like new for years to come. Storing them in a cool, dry location like a self storage facility will protect your clothes from excess moisture that can damage delicate fabrics and cause mold to grow. 

For extra care, it is worth packing them in breathable fabrics like muslin or cotton – moths are attracted to natural fibers, so this will help to keep them away from your clothes.

3. You can access your clothes whenever you need them

One of the most convenient benefits of a self storage facility is that you can easily access your seasonal boots and coats whenever you need them, whilst freeing up space in your home at the same time. 

This can also be helpful if you’re moving house and need a place to keep your seasonal clothing while you’re waiting for your furniture to arrive.

4. It’s affordable

While the cost of renting a storage unit can vary depending on the size and location, it is generally very affordable and is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your seasonal clothes are stored safely and securely. 

5. It keeps seasonal clothing safe

A self storage unit is a safe and secure solution for storing seasonal clothing, with most facilities offering security measures to protect your seasonal belongings. For example, at Incredible Bulk, our premises are patrolled by a security team and protected by intruder alarms and 24-hour CCTV, so you can be sure your clothing is accessible only by you. 

Personal Storage at Incredible Bulk Self Storage

Store your seasonal clothing at Incredible Bulk and rest assured that your possessions are safely locked away until you need them. With our secure storage units, you can have peace of mind knowing that your seasonal clothing is being looked after properly. 

Contact us today for more information about our personal storage service at Incredible Bulk by calling our friendly team on 01274 975678. 

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