Why use Self Storage over Christmas?


6 Stress-busting Reasons for using Self Storage over Christmas

Christmas is, of course, a wonderful time, a time for celebration with family and friends as well as plenty of food and a few decent specials on the television. However, let’s face it, Christmas can be an extremely stressful time too, especially with the added pressures of entertaining guests, keeping gifts a secret and organising who sits where.

It’s also a time when your home feels smaller than ever. So, if you’re trying to avoid your cupboards, loft, garage, spare room and wardrobe from bursting at the seams or you’d like to reclaim some floor space in your living room, then take a look at how you could benefit from using a storage unit this festive season.

De-clutter and get organised with Incredible Bulk’s 6 stress-busting reasons for using Self Storage over Christmas!

Use your Storage Unit as a Hiding Place for Gifts

It’s a common problem at this time of year when you’ve finally laid your hands on the gift you’ve been searching for, and now your faced with the seemingly impossible task of hiding it.

Using a storage unit as a hiding place for gifts can save you space in your home as well as give you peace of mind that all of your presents are stored in a clean, dry and secure place. At Incredible Bulk, we offer self-storage units ranging from 10 sq ft to over 250 sq ft so whether you need to hide a few boxes of toys or a speedboat, we’ll have a seasonal storage solution to suit you. 

You could even use as one of our storage units as a space to wrap your presents in or assemble gifts such as bicycles, scooters and outdoor play equipment.

De-Clutter & Re-Arrange Household Furniture

Start the decluttering process for xmas several weeks prior.

Christmas trees can take up a lot of space in our homes over Christmas. They always appear much wider and taller once in your living room than they do in the store. To make more room in your home this Christmas, why not spend some time de-cluttering your home before putting up the tree?

Prioritise what furniture you will require over the festive period, and place less required items such as side tables or bookcases into a self storage unit to create some much-needed space and make your home fit for entertaining. However, we still can’t guarantee that nobody will bump into the tree during an energetic game of charades or a few too many sherries!

Make Use of the Spare Room

If you’re having family and friends stay over this Christmas, then your spare room may require some attention. To make your guests as comfortable as possible, you may need to make the most of any spare room, especially if you’ve been using it for other storage or work purposes the rest of the year.

To save your great aunt from manoeuvring around boxes or gym equipment, why not give your spare room a mini-makeover and put items such as cross-trainers into self-storage over the festive season. You could even turn your home office into a cosy, spare bedroom for guests and temporarily work from one of our units.

With flexible contracts at Incredible, you can store with us for just a few weeks over Christmas, or you may decide to continue using self-storage.


Finding room for decorations once the Christmas period is over can prove stressful, especially if you’re short on space or have large items to store like 7 ft Christmas trees or large outdoor light features. After the festive season, you may decide to put your decorations in Bradford self storage to save them gathering dust in your home.

Our self-storage units are ideal for storing seasonal goods and helping you get your home organised and ready for the New Year. When the festive period rolls around again, your decorations will be safe, undamaged and easily-accessed!

Make Room for New Toys

Create an area for your old toys to make way for newer gifts this xmas.

If you have small children, they likely acquire a lot of new toys from friends and family over Christmas. It probably feels like you’ve only just found a place for last years presents!

Before the big day, why not make some extra floor space in your child’s room by storing some of their older toys in self storage. You’ll be able to access them and find a new place once Christmas is over and you’ll benefit from more room to assemble new toys.

Store Seasonal Stock

Using self-storage units at Christmas can also benefit small business owners and e-commerce sellers. If you’ve got more stock than usual stacked up around your home, shop or office, in preparation for the countdown to Christmas or the January Sales, then our business self storage service may be the ideal solution.

At Incredible Bulk, we help you make the most of the Christmas boom by taking stock deliveries over the festive season so you’ll never miss an order!

Make Christmas easier with Incredible Bulk! 

To discover more stress-busting reasons for using self storage over Christmas call our friendly, storage experts on 01274 975 678 to discuss a solution to suit you. Whether you require affordable business or personal storage, at Incredible Bulk in Bradford, we offer a flexible service with a wide range of self storage solutions ranging from small storage lockers

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