How to store collectibles in self-storage


For most people collecting is a hobby but for some it is a passion. Whether you’ve collected comic books since your childhood, you resell toys, or you pick up the odd record, it’s crucial that you keep your collectibles safe and secure over the years to retain their value.

How to store vinyl records

Vinyl records are as popular as ever, with many people searching for the original pressing of legendary albums as well as buying new releases.

Protect your vinyl records by storing them in polyurethane inner sleeves inside of paper sleeves. Self-storage units are ideal for storing vinyl as they offer a cool, dry location without direct sunlight, which can potentially warp vinyl.

How to store comic books

If you love nostalgia, then comic book collecting may be the perfect hobby for you! Keeping your rare editions and special comic book collection in self-storage can be a great way to keep them safe and organised.

Keep your comic books in mint-condition by storing them in individual sleeves and in an acid-free archival box. It’s crucial that your comic books do not bend or become scratched or dusty.

How to store vintage toys

We all have an excited inner child, and collecting vintage toys is one way to stay feeling young and make some extra cash! Whether it is an old Lego set, toy metal cars, porcelain dolls, or a retro robot collection, it’s important to keep your toys safe and stored correctly.

The first rule of storing vintage toys is to keep the original packaging where possible in order to achieve the highest value when you sell. You should also wrap the packaging in bubble wrap and store it in a durable box away from direct sunlight.

Top Tips for Collectibles Self-Storage at Incredible Bulk

1)   Use a Self-Storage Unit!

A self-storage unit is ideal for keeping your collectibles safe and secure. At Incredible Bulk, you can choose from self-storage units, ranging in size from 10sqft to 250sqft, and protected by CCTV and a secure access security system.

2)   Avoid Direct Sunlight & Reduce Handling

Direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and dampness can ruin a collection overtime. Store your collectibles in a dedicated self-storage unit to make sure they are protected from the elements.

You may also need to protect your collection from yourself by reducing the amount you handle the items, as the natural oil of your fingertips can cause damage to some materials.

3)   Use Protective Packaging

It may be obvious, but using high-quality, protective packaging is essential to storing collectibles in self-storage. Wrap any delicate collectibles in bubble wrap before placing them in a durable box. It’s also a good idea to label these boxes so you can quickly find an item when required.

Take a look at our online box and packaging shop for all of your self-storage supplies.

Book Self-Storage for your Collection

If you have a collection and could benefit from self-storage, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and experienced team at Incredible Bulk in Bradford. We offer a wide range of self-storage solutions at a competitive price and in different sizes to suit you. So, whether you’re storing a stamp collection or a toy railway set complete with a miniature village, you’ll find the perfect solution at the Incredible Bulk.

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