Working From Home: 5 Space Saving Storage Ideas


With so many of us now working from home, the need for home office storage solutions has never been greater. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by clutter at home, savvy remote workers are seeking out clever ways to store essentials while still preserving a high-functioning work area.

Personal self storage can help make this possible by providing additional space outside the home to store items that may not be needed daily but must remain nearby and accessible.

We cover 5 space saving storage ideas you’ll want to try if you work from home:

1 – Invest in a good quality filing cabinet 

Investing in a sturdy and reliable filing cabinet is an excellent way to keep organised. They can come in a variety of sizes, giving you the flexibility to select one that best fits your office space. Not only are they secure, but they make it easy to quickly find what you’re looking for while keeping documents neatly organised and easily accessible. 

2 – Get some shelves for your office supplies and books

It can be overwhelming to try to keep your office or workspace organised with all the supplies, books, and other items that you tend to accumulate over time. To help make a bit more sense of it, consider adding some shelves to your area. Designed in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, shelves offer plenty of choices so you can get something that will add organisational convenience as well as style to your office.

3 – Use home office desk storage for pens, paper, and other small items

A handy storage basket that fits underneath your desk can save yourself the headache of sorting through mounds of paper or searching for that one pen you need. Under-desk storage baskets are great for organising pens, paper, and other small items, keeping your workspace free from clutter so you can focus on what needs to get done.

4 – Keep cords and cables organised with cord management solutions

Everyone has experienced the headache of cables that are in a jumbled mess, making them difficult to use and detracting from the look of any space. Thankfully, with cord management solutions such as cable clips and wraps, you can help keep your cords neat and accessible. 

These easy-to-use solutions make it easy to label and identify your various cords, and also give you more control over how your cables are used – for example, preventing children or pets from easily getting their hands on them. 

5 – Use a wall mounted whiteboard or cork board 

A wall mounted whiteboard or cork board is an excellent type of office wall storage that allows you to display memos, notes, and notices. Not only does it make these readily available, it will help to keep them organised as well. A visible reminder of deadlines and meetings can help greatly in staying on top of tasks and meetings at work.

By following these five simple tips and investing in some key home office storage solutions, you can turn your home office into an organised and productive space. Once you have a place for everything, it will be much easier to keep track of deadlines, important documents, and office supplies, helping you work more efficiently and boost your productivity.

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