What valuable items are hidden in your home?


Are you sitting on a fortune? Or, perhaps there’s some cash in your attic? Be careful what you throw away as it could be worth thousands! Check out our list of valuable vintage and retro items that could be lying around your home!

Rotary Phones

A long way from a smartphone with cameras and the internet, some rare, dial-up rotary phones of the past can be worth hundreds of pounds. Have a look in the garage or attic, you may be surprised! It’s worth keeping an eye out for typewriters too, as the older the typewriter, the more valuable it is!

Vintage Advertisement Signs

Often picked up at car boot sales and antique emporiums across the country, some vintage signs of well-known brands sell at a good price. Especially metal signs in great condition and with no rust.

Metal vintage lunchboxes can also be worth hundreds depending on the condition, the design, and whether you have a matching thermos flask too!

Video Games & Consoles

Time to dust off your old Sega Genesis or the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) because retro game consoles sell quickly online. It’s also worth checking out your old game collection as some NES games like The Legend of Zelda reach auction prices of over £400!

VHS Tapes

In the era of streaming, most people no longer use a videotape player in their homes to watch their favourite movies. You may therefore have a collection of VHS tapes you could turn into cash. Some classic animated Disney movies can reach between £55 and £300 online, and a copy of The Empire Strikes Back can also fetch over £50. There’s also a market for cult films on VHS tape.

Stereo Equipment

The era of personal cassette players is long over, but you may still be able to get a good price on your old-school stereo equipment. Sony Walkmans and Minidisc players still receive plenty of bids on eBay and can sell for over £200 depending on the make, model and condition.

If you’re even more old-school, have a dig through your record collection and post any valuable vinyl records online for sale. Check out sites such as Discog for an idea of value, they could be worth plenty!

Cabbage Patch Kids

Produced in 1982, Cabbage Patch Kids were a line of must-have dolls that became a craze for children and adults alike. In America, a 1985 Teresa Ann (one of the rarest cabbage patch kids) recently sold for $2000 on eBay! If you have any Cabbage Patch Kids in your home, it may be more than worth selling.

Check out our previous list of valuable toys you may own and see how much you could fetch for a classic Furby, a ty beanie babies collection, or an 80’s WWF wrestling action figure.

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