Summer Garden Storage


It’s no secret that life as a Brit isn’t exactly packed with summertime activities and trips to the outdoor swimming pool. That’s because our summers are unpredictable, short and sweet.
However, that’s not to say we can’t make the most of the great British summer when it does choose to emerge, and as the clouds are beginning to part, we thought we’d share a few tips to help you make the most of summer in your own garden – Summer Garden Storage!
So, if you’re planning your BBQ, garden party or sunbathing session, our tips below will help you make the most of the warm weather we get this year!

Survive the winter!

Winter can damage garden furniture not stored away  correctly

Before we look forward to summer, we must endure winter (and all of the wind, rain, snow and ice that comes with it!). While the cold months or winter can certainly make morning commutes or nights out more challenging, cold and damp conditions can also cause lasting damage to garden furniture and fixtures. You may not notice the damage caused throughout winter until the sun parts the clouds and you actually come to use your BBQ or garden furniture, but it could-well be too late by that point.

To ensure your outdoor items survive the harsh winter conditions, find an indoor space to store them away in until the weather improves. Those lucky enough to have a large shed or spacious garage can often store garden furnishings away in those areas, however those without these luxuries may wish to invest in a dry, secure storage unit.

Our units are perfect for keeping your garden furnishings dry and safe until you need them next, and with such low monthly rental rates on each of our units, there’s really no reason not to give us a try!

Clear out the clutter

Mess and clutter can make any indoor space feel unrelaxing, and the same applies in the garden. While a clear garden area with beautiful green grass and vibrant flowers is a wonderful place to relax in, overgrown grass, unsightly weeds and discarded household items laying around can really spoil the atmosphere.
Be sure to get your garden in perfect shape this summer by giving it a facelift during the months of spring; this is especially important if you’re planning on hosting an outdoor social event such as a BBQ or garden party.
Lighten up!

Ensure your bbq and garden furniture are stored safely and securely throughout winter

BBQ and garden party events can often run into the later hours of the evening, and once the sun goes down you’re going to need another light source. Luckily there are tonnes of great outdoor lighting options that you can add to your garden to add heaps of style and charm.
If having real outdoor lights fitted isn’t an option for you at this stage (e.g. for people in rented properties) then adding solar powered lights and lanterns is an affordable and stylish alternative. Be sure to shop around at some local garden centres to find a range of styles and prices before you buy, you’d be surprised at how many choices there are!

We hope you are able to make the most of summer 2017 and have some fantastic times in your outdoor space! Remember, once summer starts winding down to an end this year, consider storing your outdoor furnishings and BBQs at Incredible Bulk Self Storage Bradford to avoid the damaging effects of the winter weather.

Time to start packing!

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