Storage Hunters: Top 5 Craziest finds!


Anyone who’s a fan of American reality TV shows will know just how far-fetched they can be. While British TV certainly isn’t short of reality shows, it never seems to quite reach the levels of absurdity that the Americans achieve so well!

Reality TV phenomenon ‘Storage Hunters’ is a perfect example of just how crazy real-life can get when you throw a handful of yanks in front of a camera and tell them to outdo each other. The result is absolute TV gold!

However one of the show’s main selling points (aside from the constant bickering) is some of the crazy items that are found in the storage units won by the show’s recurring bidders. In true American fashion, we’ll be counting down the top 5 craziest things ever found in a self-storage unit on the Storage Hunters reality show!

Whale Poop (Feature image)

Whale poo in a jar found on Storage hunters

Okay let’s kick off the insanity with something slightly unexpected: a huge collection of whale poop! After this stinky collection was uncovered in a storage unit, it was tested by whale poo experts (seriously, that’s a thing!) for authenticity by melting it… Next!

High Five!

Human hand found on storage hunters

Okay less gross and more creepy this time. After revealing the contents of the storage unit, the winners found a giant sculpture of a hand, a collection of little doll hands, a painting of a hand, and what looked to be a human hand in formaldehyde (turns out it was a fake). Weird.

An Actual Flamethrower

Flame thrower found on storage hunters

Americans sure love guns, but the previous owner of this storage unit has to take the top spot for firepower enthusiasm. The winners of this unit found a real-life flamethrower stashed in the unit, and then Storage Hunters regular ‘Lori’ strapped on the weapon to dispose of a nearby cuddly toy. Poor thing!

A Freaky Swarm

Swarm of Bees found on Storage hunters

Revealing the contents of a storage unit is always an exciting moment for both the show’s contestants and the viewers at home. However, when this unit was opened everyone was shocked to find a terrifying swarm of bees gush out from the depths of the unit. It turned out that the owner of this unit was keeping a ton of bees and beekeeping equipment hidden away. Seems logical. NEXT!

“Bring Out the Gimp”

A gimp that was found on Storage Hunters

Because we love you, we saved the best ‘til last. There’s no way of dressing this up, so let’s just get to it: there was a mostly-naked gimp in the storage unit. He has some questionable words and phrases scrawled across his body, which the cameras caught before he took off running down the street and out of our lives forever.

So, that was weird. Perhaps with a little peace and quiet and a nice hot shower we can forget about what we’ve heard today before we go to bed and have nightmares.

Be sure to check back on the Incredible Bulk blog soon for more fun guides, news and content!

Time to start packing!

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