Small Garden Storage Ideas for Winter


As the cold weather approaches, it’s time to think about safely storing your garden furniture and equipment for the winter. However when you have a small garden, finding adequate outside storage can be tricky. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the top small garden storage ideas and tips to help you maximise your limited space during these chilly months. 

Outdoor Garden Storage Boxes

Plastic storage containers for garden tools and furniture are one of the most popular solutions for small gardens. Look for sturdy and weatherproof outdoor storage boxes made from hard-wearing plastic. 

They come in various types and sizes, from a compact garden box for tools to larger ones like a BBQ storage box. Sackable garden storage containers are also great for maximising vertical storage. These garden boxes often feature pull-out drawers for easy access. 

If you’re tight on space, collapsible fabric storage containers for garden items are lightweight and easily fit into sheds. You can also fold them away when not in use.

Small Garden Storage Units

Many free-standing garden storage units in the UK provide sheltered storage for your garden equipment. One example is metal garden lockers that take up minimal room. Look for lockable units to securely store valuable items over winter. 

You can slot slimline wooden or metal outdoor garden storage units into narrow gaps in your garden. However, make sure any unit is weatherproof and raised off the ground. 

Plastic Storage Chests

A plastic deck or storage chest is one of the most affordable garden storage options. Large plastic garden storage chests have ample room for folding furniture, tools, and accessories, with many featuring lift-off lids and lockable security.  

Look for chests with drainage holes in the base to prevent rainwater pooling. Position them on patio pavers or concrete blocks to prevent waterlogging. 

Wall-Mounted Storage

Make use of vertical surfaces by installing wall-mounted storage. Corner wall shelves and racks are great for storing plant pots, while mounted tool organisers provide quick access to trowels, forks, and other hand tools. 

What’s more, hook racks allow you to hang longer tools vertically against the wall. Opt for stainless steel hooks to prevent rusting.

Repurposed Storage

Give old wooden crates or buckets new life by repurposing them for garden storage. Line them with a waterproof liner to store compost bags, pots, or soil bags over winter. Stackable plastic trugs also make ideal budget garden storage bins and maximise space.

Small Outdoor Shed

While large garden sheds aren’t an option for small plots, there are compact corner sheds designed for tight spaces to consider. If space is at a premium, tall, narrow sheds provide storage with a minimal footprint, however it’s essential to ensure any shed is securely installed on a solid, level base.

Get Your Garden Ready for Winter with Incredible Bulk

Whether you choose storage containers, boxes, lockers, or plastic storage units for the garden, the right storage solution can help protect your items from the winter weather and keep your garden tidy.

If your small garden storage solutions still aren’t enough to store your clutter, Incredible Bulk offers secure self-storage units. Our personal storage units are perfect for storing seasonal or bulky items. 

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