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How using self-storage can help you through a divorce or separation

Working through a divorce or separation is always going to be an emotional and difficult process. Within the early stages, circumstances can change quickly, so decisions on who will be moving where, or how the household possessions will be split, or where they will be stored need to be made.  

This can prove to be a stressful time, especially when it involves one or both spouses making arrangements for temporary accommodation until future plans can be made. However, using self-storage can be a great help through a divorce or separation by making the process somewhat less stressful.

Sort and Store your Possessions

Sorting through your possessions can be a painful and time-consuming process as you work through the household items, furniture, artwork and trinkets that you and your spouse acquired during your relationship and make some final decisions on who will be keeping them.

Once organised, you can put your mind to rest by storing your possessions in a secure, self-storage unit while you move into temporary accommodation. By first concentrating on the bulkier, more obvious items that you own it will soon become easier to decide ownership of the other household possessions.

Using a self-storage unit can help to reduce stress over the practical element of the divorce or separation process. You may find some relief in knowing your items are together, can only be accessed by you and are available when you’re ready to settle into a new home.

Prepare for your new home

During a divorce or separation, often one or both parties will either downsize to a smaller property or move into temporary rented accommodation that may already be furnished. Using a self-storage facility can help you as a place to store your possessions or any furniture that you may not currently have the room for.

A self-storage unit is an ideal and affordable option for keeping items that you’re sure to need in the future such as your clothes, a bed, a wardrobe and some kitchen appliances. So, even if you and your ex-partner are still working through the ownership of your possessions, a storage unit could help you to prepare for your new home and make sure that you have the basics for when the time is right.

Self-Storage at Incredible Bulk

So, if you or somebody you know is going through a divorce or separation, don’t hesitate to contact Incredible Bulk to see how our self-storage units in Bradford could help to make the process easier and ultimately, less stressful.

We offer secure and affordable self-storage units ranging from small storage lockers, ideal for storing a few boxes computers, duvet sets of personal items, through to 250m2 sq. ft storage units with enough space for the entire contents of a 6-bedroom home!

Whether you’re storing your possessions long-term or short-term, we’ll have a storage solution to suit you and can ensure your property is safe and sound with 24/7 CCTV and secure access security system.

To find out more about Incredible Bulk and our personal storage solutions, contact our friendly and experienced storage experts on 01274 975678 or simply enter your details and get an instant online quote using the calculator.

You can also pop by for a chat with at Incredible Bulk Self Storage, Unit 9A, Whetley Mills, Thornton Road, Bradford, BD8 8LQ. We’re open seven days a week, from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, and 11 am to 4 pm on a Sunday! 

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