Reopening Your Business In-line with COVID-19 Guidelines – What You Need to Know


Find out how to reopen your business safely and in line with the UK Government guidelines during coronavirus (COVID-19). 

At Incredible Bulk Self Storage, we’ve continued to operate and offer our essential home and business storage services to our Bradford customers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Our team has worked to put our customers and employees health and safety as a priority, introducing social distancing, hand hygiene and strict sanitising programmes, in line with COVID-19 guidelines, to reduce the risk of transmission. 

Practical Action Towards Working Safely

As the UK lockdown eases, any business owners or employers looking to reopen their business have a legal responsibility to keep their employees, customers and other people on-site safe. Take a look below at the information you need to know to reopen your business in-line with COVID-19 guidelines. 

Carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Your Business 

When considering how to reopen your business safely during coronavirus, you must first acknowledge that different types of business carry different levels of risk, it is therefore vital that you carry out a risk assessment of your business. 

For example, is your business a close contact service such as a hairdressers or massage therapy clinic, a restaurant, pub, bar or takeaway service, a retail business, factory or sports and fitness facility? Click here to visit the official website and receive step by step guidance on how to keep your workplace safe regardless of your industry. 

The risk assessment should be in-line with HSE guidance. If relevant, business owners and employers should consult both employees and trade unions and share the results of the risk assessment with your team and customers. 

Establish Cleaning, Hand Washing and Hygiene Procedures 

The frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning must be increased to stop the spread of coronavirus.

This can be achieved by encouraging all to follow hygiene guidance, providing hand sanitiser and frequently cleaning surfaces that are touched regularly. You should also strive to clean busy areas of your premises more regularly, ensuring there is clear use and cleaning guidance for both customer and employee toilets and providing hand drying facilities.  

Help Your Employees to Work From Home

Where possible, you should take reasonable steps as an employer to help your team work from home. 

Make sure to discuss home working arrangements, ensure they have remote access to work systems and the correct equipment, include them in all communications when necessary and check in on their physical and mental health. 

Maintain Social Distancing Measures 

Where possible, maintain social distancing at your business premises by putting up clear signs and marking the floor with tape to help people keep a 2m distance and avoid shared workstations. 

It may also be necessary to arrange a one-way system through the workplace or operate on an appointment-only basis to help minimise the risk of coronavirus spreading. 

Manage the Risk of Transmission

If you are unable to establish 2m social distancing, then you should take further practical action to manage the risk of transmission at your business. 

You may need to adapt your services, use screens or barriers to protect employees and staff, stagger arrival and departure times or reduce the number of people interacting by establishing fixed teams and partnering. 

We’re Here to Support Your Business 

The Incredible Bulk team are here to support your business throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. To find out more about our business self-storage services in Bradford, call 01274 975678, or fill out our contact form.

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