Quirky reasons to hire self-storage units


Four quirky reasons to hire self-storage units

It’s easy to put self-storage units into the tick box (mind the pun) of a space where you can store your overspill of goods until you have space of your own. That can be temporary, long-term or completely forgotten about, as we have highlighted in previous blogs.

However, Incredible Bulk likes to think a little outside the box and embrace the more quirky uses. After all, living space is shrinking, garage space is a luxury and moving to a bigger home is a rather costly solution to plicate a hobbyist, super fan or business startup.

We’ve thought of four rather unique ways to use storage units, starting with…

1. Lego Enthusiasts

Have you heard about the Sheffield bloke who bought a second home to display his Lego collection? Back in 2016, the owner, Micheal LeCount estimated that he owned around 8,000 Lego sets and has turned his Lego shrine into a museum/shop. View this story here: Lego Mad Dad

We have a feeling that plenty of Bradford based Lego enthusiasts – or any avid collector – may be quickly running out of space to house their epic displays too. That allocated spare bedroom, basement, garage or even dining room is getting cramped, but there’s no need to stop collecting.

We say…why not rent a storage unit instead? They come in all sizes, so people can even designate a space for building displays. That’s right, it’s time to upgrade to the big boy sets, such as the Eiffel Tower kit that is accurately scaled, stands over four feet tall and includes 3,428 Lego pieces.

Even enjoy building it in your very own storage space. C’est Magnifique!!

2. Band Practice

So a band thinks that they have potential and want to practice whenever they can. Or you need to jam your heart out to strum the stresses of everyday life away. Sadly, family, roommates, neighbours or landlords won’t have the same level of empathy after they’ve heard the same tune played for the 60th time in a row.

That’s why people are hiring out a storage unit. It really is the only tight budget option that could keep band morale high and keep cash in the pockets. Just think, the layout and space of a unit are ideal for a home crafted recording studio, and you won’t even need soundproofing. The only neighbour likely to be next door is an antique painting.

Then there is the security aspect and the space to store the band equipment. From drum kits to bass guitars, amps and microphones; all that expensive band equipment needs to be safely stored somewhere. Our Bradford based self-storage facility is safe, secure and offers a fully insured service. Storage units can be accessed 24 hours if prearranged too, so a late night band session is not off limits.

A band using a storage facility as a rehersal space

It has been done before… Back in 2009, the Doncaster Danum Scout Band used storage space to practice, according to a Daily Mail article. It was the perfect place for everyone to meet up, and it didn’t disturb any local residents.

So whether the band is planning to be the next Kaiser Chiefs, or it’s a group of mates just needing a place to get together and enjoy making music, a storage unit could actually be the perfect place to do it.

3. Etsy Creatives

Since the last recession, people earning money on the side by selling their unique crafts and gifts have rocketed. Etsy, for example, now has nearly two million sellers worldwide. Web sites, such as NotOnTheHighStreet, also act as a marketplace for independent retailers. It’s a huge and popular industry.

Creatives are using marketplace sites to establish side-hustle projects with massive success. For example, Storeyshop is a Sheffield based studio. The Etsy store sells hand-cut cards and stationery. The store has allowed for reach much wider than imagined, with major retailers now stocking the items.

Source: Wunderlabel

Self-storage units have become a hand in hand solution for these hobby businesses with units of all sizes and flexible leases catering to the changes in their business. That could be seasonal, supply and demand or a place where artists can produce their items in a quiet and peaceful environment.

From storing materials to packing items for dispatch, self-storage is a wonderful way to help hobby businesses grow and develop on a budget.

4. Personal Trainer Start-Ups

Back in 2013, The Independent reported that the Self Storage Association had seen a 5 per cent annual shift away from domestic customers towards business customers for self-storage hire.
Source: Indpendent

The same article also highlighted a couple that began their MMA business in a self-storage unit, expanding to neighbouring units as the business grew. Renting self-storage allowed them to focus on buying the niche equipment required for the sport without any business rates, water or electricity bills. Everything was included in the one price which they found much easier to budget.

Storage units can be used for a huge range of quirky uses

Again, the Personal Trainer industry is big business, but most PT’s new to the industry end up affiliating themselves with gyms. It can lose the one-2-one appeal that some PT’s relish. A space within a self-storage facility allows PT’s to focus on the area they love from MMA to Ninja Warrior assault courses and build a business that they want to build, not what everyone else tells them to build.

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