How to Organise your Office


Is your home office cluttered? Do you require a more productive workspace? Here’s how to organise your office. Check out these 5 top tips for office organisation from the business self-storage experts at Incredible Bulk. 

Declutter Your Office

Decluttering your space is the first thing you should do when organising your office. If you have piles of paper on your desk, spend time working through what is relevant and what can be shredded or archived. You may also want to declutter and dispose of unnecessary or broken stationery and recycle your old computer equipment. 

When rebuilding your office and desk space, try to consider your daily routine and prioritise the space for objects that you regularly use. 

Use a Planner 

Stay organised with a workday planner and jot down your notes or to-do list. Using a physical planner rather than an online planner can help you to visualise your plans and keep your work organised. 

You may also consider using a wall planner to help you visualise your tasks for the week and note down any events or meetings you have coming up. 

File Documents 

Keep important documents and business paperwork handy by using an efficient filing system. Find an organising method that suits you, whether it’s alphabetically or by date to make finding certain documents more straightforward. 

As well as physical documents, it’s also important that you organise your digital documents too as it can improve your workflow and free your computer’s memory space. 

Tidy your Cables

Ensuring your cables are neat and tidy is a simple organisation tip that can hugely improve your workspace. Using cable tidies reduces tripping hazards and makes your office neater and more organised.  

Book Self Storage 

When organising your office, make sure you have sufficient storage solutions for your stationery, spare cables and paperwork. However, If using a filing cabinet in your office isn’t enough space to store your business documents, you may consider booking a secure self-storage solution. Our self-storage packing supplies shop even offers large archive cartons designed to protect important documents and sensitive data.  

You may also require an affordable self-storage unit if you need to store spare office furniture or computer equipment while your business is in between premises. Discover long-term or short-term self-storage solutions at Incredible Bulk in Bradford and choose a storage unit, ranging in size from 10sqft to 250sqft, to suit your business needs. 

Get in touch with our self-storage experts today on 01274 975678 or use our straightforward Get A Quote service. 

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