How to create the perfect Man cave


Creating a Man cave is one of the most rewarding tasks that any guy can undertake. The results, if planned and executed to perfection, will provide a man with the perfect sanctuary, one that allows a chap to relive their youth with no consequences, bro-down with friends, work out, build Ikea furniture and talk about sports over a cold beer…… chilled in your very own mini fridge. Kapow!

The world outside is a dangerous place filled with maturity, chores, nagging partners and screaming kids which is why you must act now!

First steps

The early stages of Man cave construction can be a little overwhelming: what colour scheme should be used? What size TV? What do you do with excess items?

These are all common questions which is why you need to plan for the below;

Man cave theme

The theme needs to reflect your personality. This can be a sports theme, musical theme, city landscape theme or something crazy like a retro 80’s style theme, complete with jukebox, Atari games consoles and Simple Minds posters!

The below examples are perfect;

Retro theme

Retro theme

Petrolhead theme

Petrolhead theme

Sports theme for a bigger budget

Sports theme for a bigger budget

Other great ideas can be costal themes, ancient themes, city skylines or something based on a favourite cartoon, i.e. – Dungeons and dragons!

Image of popular 80's cartoon Dungeons and Dragons

Once you have decided on a theme it is time to focus on the electrical items such as TV’s, sound systems, games consoles and mini fridges!

The way to do this is to look at what your friends currently have as a set up then buy the upgraded models (this will help with bragging rights).


Nothing can grace a Man cave wall smaller than 50 inches of pure, crystal clear viewing pleasure. The bigger and more expensive the better! For those that do have a bigger budget as yourselves this: what is better than a 50″ Tv?

Answer: Two of them! The more TV’s the more manlier your cave!

Numerous TVs

Additional items required for maximum manliness

Mini Fridge;

Marshall Stack Fridge

The mini fridge is the perfect addition to any cave. It keeps beers cold, snacks fresh and looks awesome as can be seen by this themed Marshall Stack fridge!

Games Consoles

No Man cave is complete without the addition of early model gaming systems. You are always safe with a Sega Mastersystem, Megadrive, Nintendo Nes, SNES and Playstation one and two’s. These are basic models and expected.

For bonus points you can also add a Gamecube, Saturn, Gameboy and the models not mentioned.

Gaming systems

Other items that can enhance the experience are good quality sound systems, the louder the better!

The next stage of the Man cave planning process sit with seating arrangements, and as everybody knows, the most famous chair to grace a Man cave is the Lazyboy!

Lazy Boy Chair

The Lazyboy chair is the working mans throne. The chairs have built in speakers, storage for snacks and beverage holders which ensures that the owner has the best possible experience!

Once you have your theme nailed down, electronics sorted and seating in place it is time to add the cherry to the icing.

The 2 best additions to a Man cave are a pool table and jukebox! These 2 additions ensure that you never have to venture out again. You have everything you need, literally!

Final additions

And there we have it! A guide to creating your very own Man cave.

Time to start packing!

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