How Storage Can Help Your Business


Running a small business or start-up comes with its fair share of challenges. From the countless new rules and regulations you’ll need to learn, to the setup costs and hidden fees that you’ll undoubtedly encounter, it can sometimes feel like the whole process becomes more complicated each day which is why we have created this article on How Storage Can Help Your Business.

It stands to reason then, that you should invest a little time looking into ways you can make running your business simpler and less stressful, and we’re here to share some key tips with you! Whether you are looking for a small affordable unit to base your business out of or simply require business storage in Bradford, Incredible Bulk Storage can help!

Here are three ways your business can benefit from using self-storage units.
Business Premises.

Many people don’t realise this, but there are plenty of small businesses who use self-storage units as their first business premises. These units are ideal for start-up companies who are looking for a secure and flexible space to work from, without breaking the bank.

Because our units are available in so many different sizes to suit the different needs of customers who store their items with us, you’re able to find a unit that provides the exact amount of space you need for you and your team without overspending.

Product and Equipment Storage

It’s fair to say that many businesses require products, equipment or tools in order to provide their offerings, so finding a safe, secure and dry place to store these items when they’re not in use is critical.
Many small business owners make the mistake of storing such items in a garden shed, garage or even in the back of a van for long periods. This can quickly lead to weather, damp, temperature or transit damage, as well as greatly increasing the risk that they could be stolen. Self-storage units are a much safer place to store valuable items, a small price to pay when the lifeline of your business is at risk!

Organising a Move

Anyone who’s moved work premises before will know it’s an arduous task, especially when there’s a whole host of equipment and furniture to be moved. While many companies will simply hire specialist removal experts to handle the move, this isn’t always a luxury that smaller businesses can afford.

While in some cases you may be able to move the items directly into the new business premises, there are some occasions in which the lease has run out on the last office, and the next premises is not yet ready to move into. In these situations, the short-term rental of a secure and easily-accessible self-storage unit is ideal; you can simply leave your furniture and non-essential items in a lockup until your new office is ready for you!

There we have 3 great ways you can use a self-storage unit to make running your small business much simpler (and cheaper!). Should you wish to check out Incredible Bulk Storage Bradford for your business needs or simply wish to discuss How storage can help your business please contact us today on 01274 975 678.
Be sure to check back on our blog soon for more handy tips and guides.

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