How Self Storage Can Benefit Ecommerce Companies


Many of the familiar business names we see within our homes all started from just an idea and with entrepreneurship being at an all-time high, we regularly see new businesses trying to make a go of it however they can.

The key to any business being successful though is to not run before you can walk. One downfall we see so often, is people making a fair few sales on platforms such as Ebay and then thinking the next step is to open their own shop.

We’d kindly suggest to give it some extra thought! No, that’s not a loaded statement – it’s a reality check. The cost of running a bricks and mortar shop can start to mount up scarily fast. It not only needs premises which come with a whole host of bills, but it needs manning during all opening hours too, incurring an additional wages bill. That’s before you’ve even mentioned stock.

Self-storage can help your ecommerce business significantly.

Taking all of that into account, it’s really easy to see why ecommerce is on such a consistent increase in the UK, year on year.

With barely any overheads and platforms such as Etsy or Amazon making it all so easy, you can get yourself started almost overnight. If you’re thinking of setting yourself up, here’s how factoring our Bradford self storage facility into your plan could be a very smart move…

Using Self Storage For Ecommerce Offers Flexibility

Once you’ve decided on your product range, you’re going to want somewhere to put it. Yes under the kid’s beds may suffice for a couple of weeks but if your business takes off, it won’t be long before the kids noses are touching the ceiling! You’ll need somewhere which can easily grow with your needs. 

You’ll also want to be able to add to your product range as you establish which lines are the most popular and offer more of them. You may need to be able to ramp up very quickly if you can foresee a spike of interest – Christmas or seasonal products are a prime example of this. Knowing that you can instantly add the extra space you need in order to meet demand is the difference between you being able to take advantage of sudden sales trends or having to let the opportunity pass. Did we mention we’re really flexible??

Using Self Storage For Ecommerce Keeps Costs Down

We touched upon it before but we can’t emphasise this enough – our self-storage prices start from just £1 per day. What this means in terms of business, is no expensive outlay for property deposits or long term contracts which are enough to keep the hardiest of sleepers awake! 

The storage itself is crazily economical and completely transparent – you’ll have no hidden charges or scary bills with us, so what you see is exactly what you get. By the square foot!

Joking aside, nobody here wants you to be paying over the odds and with so many storage unit sizes available, you can start as small as you like and upgrade as you go (or grow!). This means you’ll always be operating on a financially lean basis – no wasted space means no wasted money!

The additional benefit of storing your stock off-site is that storing your stock at home is likely to increase some of your household bills. You’ll probably need to increase your insurance levels and maybe add some extra security measures. Some mortgage lenders or landlords don’t like you using your home as a business too, so you’ll need to thoroughly check the small print to ensure you’re not breaching or invalidating the terms of how your home can be used.

Using Self Storage For Ecommerce Doesn’t Require Commitment

Without wanting to sound gloomy, one of the biggest decisions in setting up a new sideline or business in ecommerce, is what will happen if it’s not successful. The last thing you want is to not have the money coming in that you’d expected, only to be tied in to contracts accruing ongoing overheads that are hard to get out of. Leases on premises are a prime example of this, so knowing that if the worst happens you can literally call it a day straight away, takes off so much of that worry and pressure.

Incredible Bulk Self Storage Bradford
Incredible Bulk Self-storage Bradford work with a range of Ecommerce business owners.

This also makes it easier to give things a go in the first place. If you know that the losses on a trial run are minimal, it’s less scary to give it a good go – especially if it’s a sideline or a project you’d just like to dabble with before going all in. Sadly, many new businesses fail but at least this way you can back out with your finances still intact and very little damage to your ego – this could be the difference between walking away easily, or a business venture accumulating significant debt. Let’s keep it easy shall we?

Using Self Storage For Your Ecommerce Business Keeps Your Stock Safe

None of us like to dwell on the negatives, but if you’re looking to build up a business based on stock, that’s money just sitting there. Storing all of that at home can feel quite daunting, particularly if you are selling anything of value.

It only takes a small amount of success for word of mouth to get out about your business. Under any other circumstances this would be exactly what you want, so keeping all of your stock off site means you can relax and enjoy anyone discussing that you have a decent inventory of stock! All of our premises are fully protected with 24hr CCTV and manned patrols so not only is your stock fully insured but it’s well monitored too.

Self-storage unit used for a small business

On a smaller side note, knowing that your stock is away from small (or not so small) hands means none of it is going to get damaged or lost at home – it’s all in very good hands here! So have we given you an insight into how easily we can make your online business work for you? No need for filling up spare bedrooms, or piling up the garage – your self-storage unit is only a call away. We already attract online retailers, so if there’s any advice or help you need too, simply get in touch and any of our team will be happy to help.

Time to start packing!

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