Four Common Problems


Four Common Problems, One Safe Solution

Day-to-day life certainly comes with its ups and downs, and during busy periods (particularly around this time of year) it’s all too easy to let things pile up and get on top of us.
While many of the below situations can be stressful in their own right, there is one safe, secure and affordable service that can ease the stressfulness of each and every one of them: Incredible Bulk Storage.

Here we’ll take a look at 4 commonly stressful situations, and see exactly how Incredible Bulk Storage can help take the edge off!

Buying & Moving Houses

Image showing boxes that can be stored when looking to move home

It would be great if selling your old home and moving into a newly purchased property were as simple as pie, but often dates don’t align quite as we would like them to.

Whether the owners of your newly purchased property are unable to vacate when you move out, or the buyers of your old property are pushing for an earlier move-in date, you may find yourself living in temporary accommodation (be it a hotel, with a relative or otherwise) for a short while.

Luckily, Incredible Bulk Storage provides a safe and secure space in which you can store all of your furniture and other sizeable belongings with complete piece of mind.

Attic Overspill

Attic overflowing with boxes of storage

Opting to rent a storage unit may come as a result of having filled your available attic or basement space to the absolute brim, leaving no room to store an extra item.

Leaving your stored items with incredible Bulk Storage is simple, affordable and convenient and is likely to cause you less hassle than clambering up into a dark and dusty attic to retrieve those Christmas and Halloween decorations!

Breakups & Divorce

Divorce proceedings means storage of personal belongings

Breakups and divorces are rarely an easy situation to deal with, without the stress of finding space for all of your belongings and boxes in your temporary accommodation.

Ease some of the stress and give yourself more room by leaving your boxes and sizeable items in a safe and secure lockup with Incredible Bulk Storage. Our units are easy to access whenever you should need to get into your items.

Christmas Stash

Image of Christmas presents stored in a storage unit preventing snooping children.

One of the hardest things about buying Christmas gifts is keeping them secret from your loved ones when living under the same roof (especially if you have young ones who love to look for hidden gifts while you are out!).

Avoid ruining the Christmas Surprise by stashing your goodies with Incredible Bulk Storage on the run up to Christmas! This is particularly useful to anyone who begins their Christmas shopping early to dodge the crowds!

So there we have just a few stressful situations in which Incredible Bulk Storage can help take the edge off. For safe, secure and affordable self-storage solutions, opt for Incredible Bulk Storage!

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