Decluttering Your Home


Keeping on top of clutter is something that seems incredibly simple at face value, but once you consider the time taken up from your day job, commutes, childcare and other responsibilities, there’s often not much time left each day to give every room a thorough tidying.
That’s why we’ve researched some top home organisational tips, many of which come from ‘expert organizer’ Jamie Novak, author of ‘Keep This, Toss That’, a guide to home organisation and clutter-free living.

So, plan in some free time as soon as possible and use our top tidying tips to transform your cluttered rooms into more spacious living areas!Decluttering your home, in style!

List Your Priorities

As with most sizeable tasks, it’s a great idea to make a list of tasks and priorities to work through before you begin.

Categorise the areas that need attention by room, separating your list into ‘Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms’ and so on. At the top of each listed section, start with the tasks that will make the biggest impact, this will help you get straight into the big jobs, and then finish off with some smaller, simpler tasks at the end of each tidying session.
You may find it useful to take photos or videos of each room on your mobile phone, highlighting problem areas that need the most attention.

Use a Timer

Anyone who’s conducted a large-scale declutter or spring clean before will know that after a couple of hours, it can get a little tiring!
Using a timer or setting scheduled breaks is a good way to avoid becoming too tired to continue. If it looks like you’re going to be tidying all day, plan in a few rest periods to ensure you have time to eat, drink and rest before setting up for another round of clutter-busting!

Prepare for the Future!

Beating the clutter in your home is all well and good, but putting measures in place to prevent it from coming back is even better (especially for those with young children who like to make a mess!).
First of all, formulating good habits to deal with daily clutter (junk mail, kid’s toys) as you go will help keep your house consistently tidy. While these small items may not seem problematic, they can pile up quickly.

Consider what areas of your home were problematic when it comes to clutter, and then put measures in place to help you keep them organised going forward. A mail crate on the kitchen counter can help organise important mail from junk, separate clothes hampers for colours, whites and towels will prevent one primary hamper from overflowing, and donating unused items to charity is a great to clear out with a clean conscience!

Store Bulk Items

It’s fair to say that throwing out or donating isn’t the right solution for all of the cluttersome items in your home. Perhaps you’re holding onto excess furniture on the approach to a house move, or your Christmas and Halloween decorations are invading your living space. In these cases, a secure and affordable storage space is a perfect solution, providing you with a safe location to store your excess items.
As always, you can score some truly awesome deals on secure and affordable self-storage units with Incredible Bulk, so be sure to check out our storage options if this is something that takes your interest.

Time to start packing!

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