Create The Ultimate Workspace From Home


When it comes to starting your own business, working from home can often be a fantastic, cost efficient perk – allowing a new start up company to knuckle down and work your way through that task list, with minor interruptions.
With summer finally upon us, and those warmer days and lighter nights officially here, there’s no time like the present to make the most of working from home.

So, without further ado, our team at Incredible Bulk Storage Bradford have put together a handy guide showing the top five ways to create an amazing home office space. Whether you want to make the most out of unused space within your home, creating a high-tech office or decluttering your home to pave way for your new venture.

Create a dedicated work space and sustain a healthy work life balance

Small office space created within a home.

If working from home is where your business starts, be sure to create a dedicated space for working.  Making room for a work space is often easier than you would think, converting a back bedroom tends to be a popular choice as does working from a garage or shed (if connected to power).

With a bit of imagination there are many ways to make use of redundant space.

Let There Be Light!

Natural lighting in an office can help improve concentration levels and reduce eye strain.

Poor lighting will more often than not result in unnecessary strain on your eyes and affect concentration, especially if your entire day consists of looking at a screen. Access to natural light is important as not only does it allow you to see better, it helps to boost your mood and therefore, your productivity.

Consider placing your desk next to a large window to really utilise the light when you work. If natural light is limited, investing in good quality lights and painting the walls white is a good idea to help maximise light

3. Invest in office furniture

Comfortable office furniture will help reduce aches and pains.
Wooden desk and modern chair against a gray wall

Sitting at a desk all day is not great for your body, especially your back which is why investing in the right chair can do you the world of good.

Investing in office furniture that ‘fits the colour scheme’ or is ‘part of a trend’ is fine providing that the furniture in question is comfortable and reduces the risk of aches and pains.

Simply put, the way to look at this is to consider practicality over style.

4. Set Your Storage goals

It goes without saying, a messy home means a messy mind, so a simple way to increase productivity is to make sure your filing is well organised and stored away. Shelves are an easy and cost-effective addition and will help you feel like you have more space, while good old fashion filing cabinets are also a must, allowing you to keep your work and documents organised and secure. Remember, if you do manage to run out of storage space you can always use our Self-storage facility in Bradford to file away those important documents.

5. Make it fun 

Working from home has many benefits – cheaper bills, less travel yet we are often bound to the same four walls for hours and days.

Fortunately there are many ways in which to create a fun, unique and inspiring work station.

Plants are renowned for boosting productivity as well as reducing stress levels, family pictures and artwork can help increase creativity and colourful pin boards can help spark ideas and keep us focused.

The possibilities are endless. It is up to you and your imagination as to how far you can go with this.

Time to start packing!

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