Amazing Storage Ideas For Your Garden


When people think of storage solutions, they tend to think of the interiors of their homes or maybe even their garages, but one of the often-overlooked places which need some organisation too, are our gardens. 

And don’t even go there if you have kids! 

Tricycles, bikes, toys – the little monkeys almost rub your nose in the fact that it’s ok to not put things away because quite often these things don’t even have a home.
But nobody wants to be tripping over the toys when they’re had one too many Pimm’s on one of our rare balmy evenings do they?

So fear not, here are some ideas to remedy that situation – bet you can’t wait to tell the kids! (best put the Pimms down first though eh?)

Toys, Toys, Toys

Let’s start with the obvious – if you have children above toddler age, the odds are quite high that you have a multitude of runaround cars, trikes maybe a slide or two that they have outgrown which are now just getting in the way. There is never a bad time for a de-clutter so maybe now we’re nearing the end of the Summer you can take a look at what can go. Then, check out this blog to see if any of these funky suggestions work for what you let the kids keep – if they promise to behave of course…

Marvellous Mud Garden

Ok, so maybe this is a little fancy for most people but the point here is that you can get really creative with some old cupboards, give them a lick of paint and some blackboard paint and the best bit is that you have….wait for it… some storage space! 

In this case this is a mud garden, but who’s stopping you putting your own barbeque into something like this? Then you have a great space for all your outdoor cooking implements and maybe even some extra space for your party crockery (which never seems to fit in any of your kitchen cupboards!) or all of your camping or picnic sets.

If you pay attention to who is redecorating their kitchen and suddenly become ‘ever so helpful’ in helping them clear out their unwanted units, you’ll be able to put something like this together for next to nothing.

Plastic Bottle Toy Shed Or Screen

With the emphasis being on how much single-use plastic we’re all getting through these days, this could be a really handy way of putting some of it to use. Make yourself a greenhouse as per the picture below which can obviously be used as an erm… greenhouse, but it would also be a handy place for all of the larger garden toys to keep them in one place.

Maybe you have a pergola which isn’t being put to much use? Building a screen of plastic bottles into it, particularly with colour like this one is a really good way to section off the garden and hide anything which is an eyesore behind it. We never know where to put our wheelie bins so something like this would be the perfect hiding place.

It doesn’t have to be plastic either – you could weave foliage around it or willow to create a more natural looking divide too. 

What’s Under Your Bed?

Now there’s a question! Whilst it wasn’t what was suggested in this picture, we thought this would be a great way of adding a funky storage feature to your garden and it’s even astroturfing so no gardening! Their idea focuses on the bed itself, but we thought that by getting creative underneath the astroturf layer too, you could add some valuable storage space for all of your annoying things which don’t have a home – and no we don’t mean the in-laws!

If you have a relatively small house, it often means you have a modest garden too. Which is fine until you realise you love camping and have nowhere for the tent and camping stove. Or maybe you just need some extra space for things like wellies, or (this one drives everyone without a garage or shed mad!) all of the cushions for your comfy outdoor seats when they’re not in use. So this not-so-little gem could open up quite a few options there whilst creating a gorgeous feature in your garden.

Still On The Natural Theme…

If garden space is at a premium but you do like growing your own in any way, creating a raised planter like this with storage underneath could be the perfect combo. Pop some doors onto it and you could hide a multitude of sins such as bikes and scooters or the hose which never seems to have it’s own home.

You could even turn it into a mini tool shed if you put hooks on the inside of the doors too. Ooh, the options are endless here aren’t they… maybe draw the line at converting it to a bedroom for the teenagers though – they tend to protest quite loudly!

What A Crate Idea…

If you are handy and can get your hands on old crates or pallets, you can get crazily creative with them. Using these seats as an idea, you can see how you can make tables and seating which could offer storage solutions underneath them, as well as making matching planters which, with further imagination could have lids etc on and storage underneath.  Some funky cushions on these would look great whilst creating homes for so many of the ‘unsightlies’ too.

It Ain’t What You’ve Got, It’s How You Use It

After all of our creative fun, let’s not forget about the good old shed. Once you’ve started to accumulate even a few basic tools, they can start to get in the way and you don’t need a large shed to organise all these bits well. Look at what you need to find homes for, and search online for hacks for storing them. 

Simple fixes like a magnetic strip usually used for kitchen knives, make a great home for small tubs with all of the nik-naks we build up – it’s just about seeing how clever your storage solutions can get. Even installing just a few well placed hooks can really max how you can use the small space available to you, but if you get your thinking caps on, using a little ingenuity with racking systems meant for wardrobes for instance, could have you running on rails – literally.

So, we hope these fun ideas have given you some food for thought. It always amazes us to see what people are interested in, and that’s why offering such flexible storage solutions for everyone’s needs can come in so handy for them.

With a little creativity in your garden, you might find some homes for all the clutter which may be starting to get in the way. But if that seems like far too much effort and the Pimms is calling you, you know where we are… we’ll bring the mint 😉

Time to start packing!

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