Amazing Storage Finds


Top 5 famous stuff found in long forgotten storage

Amazing Storage Finds

We know that things are put in storage for a reason, but who actually forgets about their lock-up? Amazingly, a lot of people forget / fail to make payment which is why storage auctions are on the rise here in the UK. We don’t hold these ourselves, but we know that some pretty awesome goodies have been uncovered across the globe. This is why we wanted to document some of the world’s amazing storage finds!

We take a look at some of the famous hauls discovered by unsuspecting auctioneers.

1. James Bond Submarine Car

The original James Bon Lotus submarine was found in an old storage unit.

Back in 1989, a businessman bought a storage container for $100 in the hope of selling off the items to make a little extra cash. Yet, according to the Daily Mail, he found something a teeny bit more valuable. Under a heap of blankets and sheets, was the James Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine car. This car featured in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me. He didn’t even realise, and was actually a little peeved that the car was dented and had no wheels. However, in 2013, the anonymous owner put the car up for auction in London where it reached nearly $1million. For a business owner earning a modern salary, this is one brilliant story and definitely one of the most amazing storage finds.

Source: Dailymail

2. First Superman Comic

The first edition of Superman comic was an amazing storage find

According to, a guy bought the contents of a storage unit in Southern California and discovered Action One – the first ever issue of Action Comics. This was the original comic book to not only feature Superman, but any superhero of any type. As you can imagine, this guy was incredibly excited to discover a well preserved piece of comic book history, knowing it would be worth an absolute mint.

He naturally wanted to sell his find. Sadly, it was not meant to be. The comic had been stolen from Nicholas Cage – of all people – in 2000. The famous movie star and comic book fanatic had bought the comic in 1995. It was valued to be worth around $1million back then. Cage had reported it stolen to his insurance company, so when the Action Comics No.1 resurfaced some 11 years later, he called it an act of “divine providence”. We actually feel a teeny bit sorry for the guy who found it, but justice is “Mightier than a roaring hurricane” after all.

Source: Mentalfloss

3. Burt Reynold’s Memoirs

Items belonging to Burt Reynolds were found in an old storage unit

Smokey and the Bandit star, Burt Reynolds was clearly a bit of a hoarder. He stored so much memorabilia and collectors items in storage units. However, in 1999, Mr Reynolds sadly defaulted on payments and the contents were put up for auction in Florida.

Luckily for fans of the star, a group worked together to buy many of the items. They then went on to create the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum which was originally located in Jupiter, Florida. It became a unique place for fans to see his 50 year acting career through memorabilia – and all run by volunteers!

The museum itself was dubbed at ‘the largest celebrity museum in Florida’ where you could find letters addressed to Reynolds, his sheriff badges and so much more. Back in 2008, LARRY AYDLETTECOX from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette was a bit of a fan, saying that the museum was a history of classic Hollywood and a great tribute to Burt’s 50 year acting history. The museum had to close in 2012 , as the building was demolished and replaced with a shopping centre. No one knows where all the contents are now, but at least the much moved Floridian was celebrated for some time.

Source: Post Gazette

4. Never released Michael Jackson Songs

A storage unit provided one lucky buyer over 200 unheard songs.

It is not uncommon for publicists to hire storage units on behalf of their famous employers, and it would seem, it is easy to forget that they exist, or even worse, forget to make a payment or two.

This happened to a storage unit that once belonged to Micheal Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson. In January 2010, the unit went up for sale and between 250-300 unreleased Michael Jackson songs, along with thousands of family photos, were discovered in the historic vault.

It is believed, according to several online resources, that these were recorded in between record deals. It is also believed that some of these tunes where recorded with Tina Turner. The typically legal savvy Jacksons ensured that copyright restrictions were upheld on these recordings, so it is unlikely that fans will ever get to hear them. It is still in dispute as to who owns the rights to the music.

Source: Seaboard Self Storage

5. Paris Hilton’s worst kept secrets

Paris Hilton forgot to pay for her storage which one lucky buyer managed to sell for $10 million.

Paris Hilton owed just $208 dollars for an unpaid storage unit, but it was enough for the company to sell its contents in 2005. It sold for a reasonable $2775, but true to Paris Hilton’s reality lifestyle, the owner live streamed the contents reveal (and made people pay to view the privilege).

Again, the contents became headline grabbing. 18 personal diaries where found, revealing her sex and personal life in detail. It also stored videos, photos and clothes. According to, a prescription for the herpes medication, Valtrex, also turned up in the unit (nice!).

Hilton never recovered the items – despite a huge legal dispute – and the owner eventually sold the contents for approximately $10million. And all because she missed one payment.

Read the T&C’s

If you’re planning on renting out storage space, we can only suggest reading the T&C’s carefully. You may not be a celebrity, but if you plan to store personal items, keep paying those fees.

Source: Storage Front

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