If you are about to move home and have a million and one things to think about please, do not worry!

Our team at Incredible Bulk have put together a simple step-by-step schedule for your move. When moving, regardless of whether it is for domestic or commercial reasons there can often be a lot to think about and, you would be forgiven if you forgot something. Hopefully, our simple guide can help you!

If you follow the guide below, you will be well prepared for your house move. If you have any questions, you are of course most welcome to contact the team at Incredible Bulk Self Storage Bradford!

Start by sorting your old clothes, books and other items, what are you keeping, what are you throwing away and what are you donating. Do any washing that may be required,  leave to dry and start boxing the clothing up!

Report your change of address to the relevant authorities – council, DVLA, banks and schools etc. 

Also, make sure that you unsubscribe from electricity, gas, water, garbage collection, telephone, cable TV.  Nobody wants any hidden costs! Order new subscriptions to your new address. 

Take this time to start the dismantling process of furniture, take shelving down and ensure that the next week is all about packing and self-storage. Bigger items such as beds, sofas, shelving units and fridge freezers etc may be best stored in a storage unit.

The benefits of this will also allow you to move into the property without having these bulky items in the way. Our storage facility in Bradford has optional leases from 1 month +.

This is actually a fun part of the process. It’s time to clean out the attic, basement, garage and storage room. Sort and clean. It may be a good idea to take your time with as most people enjoy finding and discussing old items such as photobooks, toys and more.

This trip down memory lane often provides a fun element to an otherwise boring process.

Time to check your valuables. Collect jewellery, bank books and valuables and ensure they are all packed away and safely stored in a safe place. This will allow you to safely transport with you in your moving vehicle, often on the knees when in transit.

Spend this day updating your friends and family of your move-in schedule. It may be that you wish for friends and family to help with your move, if so, many hands make light work. You can also take this time to plan your housewarming over social media.

Pack the clothing and linen that you do not need in the near future. Pack books, binders, magazines, records, etc. Pack soft items, such as shoes, hats, bags, etc. Arrange removal of complicated curtain sets and fixtures.

Go through the utensils. Pack what is not needed for meals in the next few days. Pack glass and crockery and ensure bubblewrap and paper balls are used to reduce the risk of damage. Clean shelves and cabinets. Install the external TV antenna.

Leave/drop off keys for the property, attic and other spaces. Make sure you have the key to the new home. Arrange with locks for the new stores. Make sure everything is done according to this checklist.

Finally, it is moving day! Our knowledgeable staff are able to help you with your move and take care of things like storage, transportation and recovery. 

If the preparation is complete, you only need to consider the following: Take extra care when transporting fragile items and let the movers know which boxes need to be treated with extra care.

 Ensure that all boxes are clearly marked so that the moving team know where to take the boxes.

Take a packed lunch! Moving home can be thirsty and hungry work and with cutlery and plates packed away, a packed lunch is the best thing for you.

Here are a few simple pointers to help your packing process.

Ensure you use bubble wrap or tissue with plates, porcelain and glasses etc. Do not pack these boxes too heavily. For example, if you pack books, leave half the box to pillows, clothes or things like that. 

Roll up all the rugs and tie. All cables for TV, video, stereo etc must be disconnected and rolled up. Attach with string or tape. 

Takedown loose shelving and parts and tape or tie them together. Mirrors, paintings, crystal chandeliers and the like that cannot fit in boxes are left hanging in place. 

All bulbs are unscrewed. You also bundle, curtain rods, brooms and taller items into easy-to-carry packages. 

Time to start packing!

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