A Guide to Furniture Storage


If you’re considering putting some of your furniture into storage, whether it’s on a temporary or long-term basis, there are a few things you’ll need to know. Follow our Incredible Bulk guide to furniture storage and make sure your items stay clean, dry and secure. 

Where should I store my furniture?

If you’re decorating your property or need to create some extra space, you may be able to keep any additional furniture around your home, such as the garage space or a spare room. However, for a more practical and long-term storage solution, you should consider self-storage. 

At SureStore, we offer secure home storage units ranging from 10 sq ft to over 275 sq ft. Our innovative home storage solutions mean you’ll benefit from a simple remote access procedure with unique keycode entry, a state-of-the-art security system, a flexible managed storage plan, and support from our self-storage experts.  

How much storage space do I need? 

When storing furniture it’s crucial that you choose the right-sized self-storage unit to avoid any damage. Our 50 sq ft storage unit can store the contents of a 1-bed flat, whereas our 275 sq ft storage unit can store the contents of a large 5 bedroom home, including garden and shed contents! Our experienced Incredible Bulk team are always available to offer their assistance and ensure you choose the right-sized storage unit for your furniture. 

How do I prepare my furniture for storage? 

Investing some time and effort to clean your furniture pieces before they go into storage can help to keep them in good condition. Damp and mould can cause severe damage over time, so it’s important that you remove any dirt and only place your furniture into storage once dry. Any upholstery may need vacuuming, and infested woodwork should be properly treated to avoid further damage. 

Warm, soapy water is ideal for cleaning wooden furniture and once dry it should be treated with furniture wax to avoid cracks. Sofas and armchairs may require upholstery cleaner, and any silver or metal items should be polished to reduce tarnish caused by oxidation.  

How will I fit my furniture into a self-storage unit? 

Even if you’ve chosen a large self-storage unit, you should still make the most of the space. When possible, it is always a good idea to dismantle large furniture pieces, such as bookcases and wardrobes. Remember to save all the loose screws or bolts in a labelled plastic bag in order to save any confusion when it’s time to rebuild your furniture. 

Bigger items, such as mattresses and sofas, should be stored vertically around the edge of the storage unit to save space in the middle for other items. Store paintings and mirrors vertically to avoid any long-term damage.   

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