7 Student Self Storage Hacks


University life often brings over-looked challenges like managing belongings during term breaks or changing accommodation, and for students, self storage can be the answer. But with limited funds, being able to maximise space and minimise costs is crucial. 

In this blog post, we explore seven student self storage hacks to help you maximise your storage space while keeping costs low.

Why Students Are Turning to Storage Units

In the UK, more people than ever are recognising the benefits of self storage for students. These units provide a secure environment for belongings during term breaks, study abroad stints, or simply as an extra storage solution throughout the academic year.

Storage units for students not only offer a safe space to store belongings but also provide flexibility, allowing students to manage their items without the clutter. 

Top Student Self Storage Hacks

1. Research and Compare Storage Facilities

A leading student concern is how to find cheap storage. With numerous student storage companies available, it’s worth researching which ones offer the cheapest storage for students. You can use online platforms to find cheap storage options and for facilities that balance cost, location, and security. Reviews and feedback can guide you in selecting reputable student storage facilities.

2. Choose the Right Size

Storage units come in diverse sizes. It’s all about striking a balance, as an oversized unit means unnecessary costs, while a small one could lead to inadequate space. Assess the amount of belongings you have and choose a unit size accordingly. 

3. Share the Space (and Cost)

If you don’t have enough belongings to fill an entire unit, team up with a friend or fellow student. This way, you can split the cost and responsibilities while maximising the available space. Make sure to establish clear guidelines and communicate effectively about who is responsible for what. 

4. Prioritise Location

While the cheapest storage options might tempt you to choose a location further from campus or your accommodation, remember to consider convenience. Choose a storage facility that is conveniently located near you. If you frequently access your items, a nearby location can save time and transport costs.

5. Pack Smartly

When packing your items, optimise space by opting for boxes of uniform size, using vacuum-sealed bags, and disassembling furniture when possible. Be sure to use sturdy boxes and label them clearly, or opt for clear storage boxes for easy identification. Place heavier items at the bottom and well-wrapped fragile items on top.

6. Maximise Space

Make the most of your storage unit by utilising vertical space. Use shelving units or stackable containers to optimise the available area. You can also put up hooks or pegboards to hang items such as bicycles or sports equipment to free up floor space.

7. Ask for Discounts

Don’t hesitate to ask for student discounts or promotional offers when renting a storage unit. Always ask about potential savings, whether it’s cheap temporary storage or longer-term deals. Many storage facilities offer special rates for students – especially during peak moving seasons.


Student life is complex, and managing belongings shouldn’t add to the stress. With these hacks, you can navigate the world of student self storage efficiently, ensuring your items are safe, accessible, and managed affordably. 

Choose Incredible Bulk for Stress-Free Student Storage

Incredible Bulk, we offer a range of affordable student storage so that you can focus more on your studies rather than worrying about your possessions.

Our facilities are tailored to provide the best storage for student belongings, combining security and accessibility with affordability and great customer service.

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