Top Tips for Storing Clothes


Find out how to store clothes properly with these top tips from Incredible Bulk Storage. 

Review Your Wardrobe

Before putting your clothes into personal storage, you should first take a look at your collection of coats, summer clothes, jeans, dresses, sportswear etc. and decide which items you’d like to keep. The rest can either be sold online, donated to a charity shop, or taken to a clothes bank. Once you’ve had a proper sort out, you’ll then be better prepared to organise and store your remaining clothes correctly. 

Keep it Seasonal   

One of the best ways to organise clothes before putting them into storage is to consider the seasons and what clothing items you will require throughout the year. You may want to keep all of your summer clothes, such as swimsuits and shorts, in storage during the winter months. You can then store your winter clothes, such as woolly hats and big coats, during the warmer seasons.    

Fresh is Best 

If you’re planning to store your clothes on a long-term basis, whether it’s a couple of months or even years, then you should first make sure that they are clean and in good condition. They won’t need ironing but do remember to wash or dry clean them, remove any difficult stains, empty the pockets if necessary, and ensure they are as fresh as possible. This is a great way to avoid any unpleasant odours and cross-contamination between items. If you’re storing trainers or boots, you may want to clean or polish them before filling them with tissue paper to ensure they don’t lose shape. 

Choose A Secure Storage Unit 

At Incredible Bulk self-storage facility in Bradford, we offer secure storage units, ranging from small storage lockers to 250 sq ft storage units, for a wide range of personal storage reasons. Our affordable storage units are perfect for keeping your clothes clean, dry and protected from the elements. 

Try to avoid using vacuum storage bags for long-term storage as clothing items made from natural fibres, like wool or silk, can sometimes be damaged by the plastic bag, or lose shape over time. For more efficient materials, take a look at our storage supplies shop and discover everything you need to store your clothes correctly, from short wardrobe cartons with a plastic rail to wrapping paper and a selection of differently-sized boxes. 

It’s also important not to over-fill any storage boxes and to place the heavier items at the bottom of the box and the more delicate items at the top. To make sure you’re choosing the right-sized storage unit for your needs, check out our straightforward size guide before using our Get A Quote tool. 

To find out more about our personal storage service at Incredible Bulk, call our friendly team on 01274 975678.

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