Throwing The Perfect House Warming


Throwing the Perfect Housewarming Party with Incredible Bulk Self Storage Bradford!

This is a popular time of year for house hunters to buy, sell and move into their next home, and for those who like to create a social event whenever there’s a good enough excuse, a housewarming bash is sure to come soon afterwards.
As you may guess, we deal with plenty of customers who are moving house, so we thought we’d share 5 expert tips to help ensure your next housewarming party goes swimmingly! Whether you are moving into a bigger home, downsizing or a student looking for storage to make room for a monster party, our team at Incredible Bulk Self Storage can help you!

Arranging Invites

Certain parties can really benefit from a strategically hand-picked guest list of your craziest friends, but with a housewarming party this isn’t always the case. Certain pals of yours may be great fun on a night out where there’s a dancefloor involved, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be a good match for a party that your grandparents are attending (unless grandma has some serious breakdancing moves…).
Decide as early as possible what kind of party you’re looking to host, and then plan your guest list and send invites accordingly.

Be Considerate

If you’re planning a housewarming party, it’s fair to assume you’ve recently bought or moved-in to a property, which also means you have new neighbours.
Be sure to host a party and invite guests that won’t set you off to a bad start with those who live next door; they will likely already be trying to determine what kind of neighbour you will be, so hosting an all-night rave in your first week of residence might not be the best move!

When to Hold the Party

Choosing when to host the party also takes a little more consideration than you may have originally thought. If you need an extra hand unpacking items and getting everything into shape, a less formal, ‘moving-in’ party could be a good idea. Not only is this a great excuse to socialise, but most guests are likely to chip in and help you move items around the new house.
Alternatively, you may want to push the party back a few weeks until the house is just the way you want it, that way you can show it off to its full potential and dazzle guests!

Create a ‘Wish List’

It’s common for guests to a housewarming party to buy the host or hostess gifts to help furnish their new home, so be sure to think of some items that you’re in need of* that guests can treat you to.
Whilst it’s rude to assume or expect gifts from those attending, it’s always useful to have a modest list of affordable items that they can pick up for you should they ask what you need.

*Pro tip: scented candles are a handy gift that you can use to eliminate the smell of fresh paint and other ‘renovation’ smells for when you’re personalising the property, so be sure to add these to your list!

Keep a Clear Space

If you’re looking to invite a lot of guests, or simply show off your new home to its full potential, it’s vital that you clear away any piles of boxes, furniture or other miscellaneous items. This is where we can really help.

We provide spacious and secure self-storage units at incredibly affordable prices, which are perfect for those who have recently moved house but need a little extra time to get everything in place! This allows our customers to get their new home in order without succumbing to the mountains of unarranged belongings during the first few weeks.

So there we have our top tips for housewarming heaven! If you’re currently moving house or soon to move, be sure to contact our team at Incredible Bulk Self Storage Bradford where we can help organise a simple, secure and affordable storage solution.

For additional ideas check out the housewarming party guide by Wikihow here.

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