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Student life isn’t always the cake-walk that many people make it out to be. Sure, there are plenty of parties, gigs, crazy times and hangovers to go around, but there’s often more to deal with than just a next-day headache especially when it comes to student accommodation!

When it comes to moving to new accommodation and bridging the summer-holiday gap, finding a place to stash your belongings can be tricky, particularly if all of your nearby student pals are moving to new accommodation too. While many people opt to cart all of their belongings home for the summer, this isn’t always the most convenient option, especially for those people that may have a considerable distance to cover, carrying several boxes and bags of their items with them.

Luckily at Incredible Bulk Storage Bradford, we have an awesome solution that is bound to blow your socks off…providing you are wearings socks.

Incredible Bulk Storage Bradford offer student storage from £1 per day

Great Prices on Student Storage in Bradford

At Incredible Bulk Storage, we have a jaw-dropping offer for students in the area. You can store your belongings with us over the summer months (or for however long you please) from just £1 a day! Our cheapest storage option still provides you with enough space to store 5 storage boxes, which in many cases is often enough to store all the clothes, accessories, equipment and stationery needed to pick up where you left off the previous term.

That’s not all either. We’ll even provide you with packing materials, pick up your boxes for storage, and then deliver them back to you at the end of summer! How cool is that!? Please note: Our free pick up and drop off services come with t&c’s. For more information on our student offers please contact us directly.

Your items will be completely safe and secure in our self-storage facility, awaiting your triumphant return from the summer holidays. If you need to access your items over the summer, we have a secure access security system, which will allow you to come and go as you please, but still keeps your items safe and secure.

Incredible Bulk Storage provide a heavily discounted range of storage solutions for students in Bradford

So whether you are taking some time to travel, returning home for summer or simply need some extra space to store an overspill of Morrissey records (or whatever you cool kids are listening to on the music box these days) be sure to check out the awesome student storage offer from Incredible Bulk Storage.

Student Storage Offer – What Next?

For more information on our range of student offers you can easily contact our friendly helpful team on 01274 975 678 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and advise on how we can help you this summer!

Time to start packing!

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