Student Gap Year Destinations


Our world is full of exciting and beautiful destinations to discover, but there are some places that stand out from the crowd and offer something very special.

This is why we have listed our top 10 destinations to visit, ideal for students looking to take a well earned gap year!

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

Mythical Machu Picchu – The Inquisitor’s Secret Temple Town gets a well-earned first place on our list. Located high up in the Andes, the easiest way to get here is by train or bus from the charming town of Cuzco. 

For the most awesome experience, however, you should hike the trail – a walk that usually takes between four and five days. Then you have the opportunity to explore the incoming people’s own paths over the Andes mountains along what is undoubtedly one of the world’s most spectacular hikes.

2. Iguazu Falls, Brazil & Argentina

The spectacular Iguazu Falls are on the border between Argentina and Brazil. You understand how big it is first when you stand next to it, when you can see over 20 larger and 225 smaller waterfalls at one and the same time. A truly amazing nature experience that should be included on every adventurer’s bucket list!

3. Great Wall of China, China

This building, which is considered to be the world’s largest, extends from the Yellow Sea to the east to the Jiayuguan fortress in Gansu Province. The wall is 240 miles long, which corresponds to the distance from Stockholm to Athens – the capital of Greece. If you also count with various side walls and the double walls, the length will be as much as 640 miles. It is easy to understand why this amazing memorial has been voted for one of the seven new wonders of the world!

4. Angkor Wat, Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is more than twice the size of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and thus the world’s largest religious building. The temple, which is just one of many in the Angkor temple area, is located in the jungle of northern Cambodia and is said to be the most beautiful at dawn as you can enjoy a magical sunrise over the temple tower.

5. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland , Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is home to the world’s largest collection of corals. It is off the Queensland coast and parallels to Australia’s northeastern coast. This is the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the few natural phenomena that can be seen from the moon. Take the chance and dive in the world’s best diving water and swim among over 1500 different species of fish (and about 25 different species of sharks).

6. Manhattan’s Skyline, New York , USA

The Big Apple has everything and a bit more – interesting sights, awesome shopping and food for all tastes. But what makes this city unique is its amazing skyline. From the Freedom Tower to the Empire State Building – New York has the buildings that catch the eye. To get the best view for photography, we recommend a helicopter ride across the city – an experience that you will soon forget!

7. Petra, Jordan

The rocky town of Petra is undoubtedly Jordan’s most famous place and it is easy to understand why. Here is a whole community excelled in the huge red mountain and the highlight is the impressive burial monument Al-Khaznah. It is not enough to have seen this unique place in films like Indiana Jones and Transformers, but Petra must be experienced for real – at least once in a lifetime.

8. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Bolivia is home to the largest salt desert in the world with an area of ​​up to 10,000 square meters – thus about the size of Skåne. 40,000 years ago, the whole area was submerged, but when the lake eventually dried out, the result was the above. Most impressive is the area in June and July when the landscape is completely glare-white and mirror-shiny.

9. Grand Canyon, Arizona , USA

The Grand Canyon, located in northwestern Arizona, is probably the world’s most famous canyon. It is the mighty Colorado River that has eroded the bedrock for millions of years, thus forming this 446-kilometer valley. Most beautiful is the Grand Canyon at sunset and the sunrise when you can experience a fantastic colour play on the rock walls, directed by the sun.

10. Blue Lagoon, Reykjanes, Iceland

Iceland has several hot springs to bathe in, but the most popular is the “Blue Lagoon”, located on the peninsula of Reykjanes, near the airport Keflavík. The water in the lagoon is extracted from the underworld and gets its colour from algae and the various skin-healthy minerals, such as sulfur and silica. Swimming in the 35 degrees warm water between the rough lava formations is a memorable experience, to say the least.

And there we have it, 10 places that everyone must visit if they get chance!

Time to start packing!

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