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Self Storage is a huge benefit that is often taken for granted and without it, you would definitely miss it! It may sound a little over the top but when you think. about it, storage plays a part in the lives of everybody, and we do mean everyone! From keeping a clean workspace to keeping a clean home, having storage is a huge benefit.

This is why our team wanted to put together a helpful article that may help those people looking to create more space in the home, help with moving home or help organise a simple decluttering process.

Our packaging and storage tips will make life easier regardless.

Packaging Tips

Plan in advance!

Gathering up plenty of leftover cardboard boxes, ,wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape and markers, along with any old furniture covers will make life so much easier and provide an efficient and stress-free process, especially when looking to move home.

Dust Prevention

Boxes that are tightly sealed with brown tape or contain items that are wrapped will prevent any dust settling.

Wrap furniture and bigger items with protective bubble wrap or covers.

It may be a time-consuming option but dismantling furniture and wrapping in bubble wrap or furniture covers will avoid the risk of any scratches. Our packaging store has a range of items perfect for a mattress, wardrobe and more.

Label Boxes Clearly – Mark which room they are intended.

Keep a list (as well as pictures and descriptions) at your home or office for reference. Mark clearly all boxes containing fragile items. Make sure fragile boxes are placed on top of heavier, less delicate boxes.

Having the room they are from will also make a house move a quick affair.

Store inside of furniture.

Use valuable space inside wardrobes and larger appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, to store small items such as towels, linens and small, fragile items. Secure items in drawer by filling empty spaces with towels or packing paper. Simple yet effective!

Clean Appliances

Secure all movable parts with cushions, wrapping paper or bubble wrap for added protection. During transport ensure you tape all doors shut to avoid damage. The last thing anybody wants is for a fridge or washing machine to leak dirty water or anything that could potentially stink out the unit.

Use lots of paper for packing fragile items.

Use lots of paper to pack dishes and glassware. Place a layer of packing paper inside the bottom and top of cartons. Wrap each dish and glass separately and cushion them with crumpled paper. Plates are best stacked on edge.

Our wardrobe boxes are ideal for clothing

Our packaging store has a range of boxes specifically designed for clothing. The boxes protect the clothing and keep everything as it arrived.

Helpful Storage Tips

  1. Store items that you use/need most often at the front of the storage unit.
  2. Ensure you are able to create an aisleway in your storage unit to provide easy access to all boxes.
  3. If possible, try to keep cardboard boxes on a pallet to allow airflow to circulate and keep your box dry. This is ideal for people looking for a longer storage lease.
  4. Store bigger items such as sofas and table tops on their side to conserve space.
  5. Items that may have a sentimental worth such as photos can curl over time and fade. To avoid this, place the photos inbetween to pieces of cardboard and tape together.
  6. Storage facilities will not store appliances, machinery or items that contain gas, petrol or any potentially harmful substance ie, please ensure your lawnmower has no petrol in the tanks.
  7. Think about what you store! Items such as weapons,  drugs or drug equipment,  animals, explosives, flammable liquids & fuels, toxic materials, or other items that need a controlled environment will not be stored or tolerated.
  8. A bed mattress should be covered and stored flat on a level surface.

Time to start packing!

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