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Given that yesterday (first Monday in October) was World Architecture Day we thought that we would give you lovely people an insight into a couple of stunning architectural designs over the globe that make use of something very close to our heart, yes, you guessed it, space! Check out our Space Saving Architecture post!

There is a saying that flows between creative types – ‘less is more’ and from the below examples of creative architecture we feel that you will all agree as well as take a few inspirational ideas that could hopefully benefit you and free up a little space within your home or property.

The first creative design within our collection is courtesy of the slightly eccentric yet incredibly talented bunch of architects Elii Architects (

Making the most of limited space would be a difficult and mind-blowing task for most but not this crazy bunch!
Elii Architects put their focus into a small property in Madrid to show how, when tasked with maximising space, there is no excuse for failure!

This home is 620 sqft of awesomeness that contains a variety of hidden compartments, furniture and trap doors that allow different uses as and when needed.

Dining Room;

The dining room is a haven for hidden compartments and technical genius. The designers have created a retractable kitchen / diner which can be used and hidden whenever you need.
Using a handle on the wall, a pulley system (using bungee cord) opens the ceiling tiles which cleverly converts into an amazing table / eating area. The worktops / counter pull out directly from the wall with additional tiles in the wall acting as additional storage space.

Living Room;

The living room has some unconventional ideas when it comes to ‘furniture’ which strangely work really well. These include a set of hanging hammocks that are stored behind wooden panels and are simply pulled out as and when you require a place to chill. To further strengthen our claim of ‘slightly eccentric’ there is also a swing and disco ball that can be introduced whenever the desire takes you.

Image showing a hidden hammock  in the living room


The bathroom is, as you would expect by now, another bout of genius. Trapdoors in the floor open up to boast hidden storage perfect for towels, toiletries and robes as well as a unique pit complete with mirror that allows you to get ready whilst kneeling down on comfy cushions.

The video below gives more insight into this wonderful design which may inspire you to follow this example and create your own unique home and for just $75,000 (£57,665) it may be something worth looking into.

Our next space saving section comes from the Swedish designers over at Matroshka ( ), a company renowned for clever space saving ideas at an affordable cost.

With inspiration taken from the Russian Doll this space saving furniture allows a person to take advantage of the multi-functional / incredibly well organised storage system.

The system takes up a little less than 4 square meters when completely compact however, when put into full use this little gem expands into a bedroom, living room and kitchen.

The system has a double bed, sofa, dining table, desk, wardrobe, book shelf, has a compartment for cleaning products, clothing compartment and even has four stools.

The system is perfect for people who live in smaller dwellings such as apartments, flats or bedsits. For more information on the Matroshka Furniture System please check out the video their website.

Finally, if any of the above are a little too quirky, expensive or just down right strange there are always easier option when it comes to creating more space.

Simply contact our wonderful team at Incredible Bulk Self Storage Bradford and see how we can help you or your business.

Time to start packing!

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