Six Amazing Storage Ideas


Six Amazing Storage Ideas

With so many fashionable and trendy life-hacks being discovered each week we thought that we would take the time to document some of our favourite and most fabulous storage ideas that have surfaced on the web, courtesy of you awesome people!

And the best thing about our selection is that anybody can use them! They are simple, cheap, stylish and incredibly effective!

So, without further ado we can look at our six favourite storage ideas.

1. Wine rack turned quirky office storage holder.

This old wine rack makes an ideal vessel in which to hold a variety of stationary creating a quirky storage solution

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Use an old wine rack to store a variety of household / office items, from office supplies, highlighters and various stationary to rolled up towels colour coordinated to fit within your current decor, either way we think that you’ll agree, this idea makes for a simple, cost effective approach to brightening up any room with a property or office!

2. Washing line calendar

a unique and quirky way in which attaching a peg to some string with totes attached can make for a creative calendar

Image Source

Of the list that we have documented we feel that this is by far the most beautiful of the lot! It literally only takes a few wooden pegs with a cute label attached and some string. You now have a unique way in which to attach notes, daily to do’s and anything else that your creative side can muster. This will improves the look of any desk!

3. Recycled pallet and crate bathroom storage

old pallets and crates make for an ideal bathroom storage solution creating a rustic theme

Image source

Recycled materials always create the most beautiful pieces which is clearly the case with this old pallet and crate combo, recycled perfectly to create a rustic bathroom storage solution at a price that cannot be beaten……free! Simply clean up the wood, stain to create the desired tone and and install in your desired room.

4. Christmas light storage with an old tube

an old cardboard tube makes an ideal storage solution for xmas light
Image Source

With Xmas upon us it only makes sense that we pay mention to this incredibly simple and cost free technique in which to store your Christmas fairy lights. Simply use an old cardboard tube (left over from wrapping paper) by wrapping your lights around, starting at the bottom working your way up. This reduces the risk of undertaking the annual ‘detangling of the lights’ affair!

5. Flip flop / sandle storage

this old coat hanger has been altered to hang flip flops and sands

Image source

This option is by far the most genius as I am sure that everybody can use this without any fuss! We feel that this is perfect for those people that live in warmer climates.
Simply take an old coat hanger, follow the steps above to create a bespoke handle / flipflop storage idea. Perfect for decluttering hallways and floors and best of all, it is free!

6. Recycled garden storage – Pallets

create a rustic, shabby-sheik theme within your garden by using an old pallet to store small plants

Image source

Once again we have put our faith in the trusty wooden pallet!
To create a rustic, shabby-chic addition to your garden or greenhouse simply clean up an old wooden pallet, varnish to your preference and use to house a variety of garden accessories, from plants to tools to outdoor items the options are endless! The more creative the better!

And there we have it folks! 6 simple ways to improve life without spending your pennies! Check back for other updates and related features to see how you can win in other areas of life! Also, if you are too lazy or simply do not have the time to create your own storage solutions you are welcome to use ours! Simply click here to find out more!

Time to start packing!

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