Self-storage tips: Preparing your belongings for storage


At Incredible Bulk, we strive to make sure your self-storage experience is as straightforward and smooth as possible. We offer secure Personal Storage units in various sizes ranging from small storage lockers to 250 sq ft storage units. Take a look at some of our expert self-storage tips and discover how best to prepare your belongings for storage. 

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How to prepare furniture and appliances for self-storage

Firstly, ensure that your appliances are empty and clean before placing them into storage. Defrost fridges and freezers and clean appliances such as cookers and microwaves of any food remnants to avoid any unwanted pests. 

Remember to remove any batteries from battery-operated appliances, especially if you’re storing belongings long-term. 

Disassemble furniture such as bed frames, tables, and shelves to help save space in the storage unit. To make reassembling easy, remember to keep any nuts and bolts safe in a marked plastic bag and tie it to the item. 

Use dust covers to protect items such as sofas, armchairs and mattresses while in self-storage. 

Electrical appliances such as stereo systems, tv monitors, and computers should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap with any wires or cables correctly labelled. It’s also important to back up any of your devices to avoid losing files. 

How to prepare breakables for self-storage

Individually wrap any breakables or fragile items in bubble wrap or cloth before putting them into self-storage. 

Remember to mark your boxes as ‘Fragile’ if they contain potential breakables and make sure that nothing heavy is placed on top of them. 

All mirrors, pictures and paintings need to be wrapped in ink-free paper and stored vertically. 

How to prepare linens, clothing and carpets for self-storage

Before going into self-storage, all cloth items such as linen bedding need to be clean to avoid attracting any pests. 

Where possible, use specialist wardrobe boxes for your clothing items. Avoid using plastic bags as they can trap moisture and leave your clothes vulnerable to mould and mildew. 

Carpets should be professionally cleaned to avoid moth eggs. When in storage, roll them right-side-out to preserve the pile as folding can cause damage. 

Shop Storage Supplies

Our on-site storage supplies shop at Incredible Bulk offers everything you need to prepare your belongings for self-storage. Discover a range of box sizes, specialist wardrobe cartons for crease-free clothes and large archive cartons for important documents. 

We also sell secure locks, marker pens for marking your boxes, tape, bubble wrap and a range of polythene covers for mattresses and sofas. Wrapping paper, stretch wrap, loosefill and shelving are also available from our storage supplies shop. 

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