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I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night – Storage Memoirs of a Wannabe Rockstar

Rock Band Storage

So here I am. Revisiting my college days and getting back into playing in bands. Now in my mid-thirties, I’m older, wiser, I ache more. On the plus side, I can actually play now and with a half-decent day job, have better music gear I want to keep safe!
Playing in a tribute/party band, we maybe play a pub a month, and whenever we can, weddings, parties and functions; that’s where the money is.

Rock band storage article with Huey, Lewy and Dewy of Ducktales

If you’ve ever looked at what a wedding band charges you’ll probably wonder if we’re raking in the cash and rolling on a big pile of coins like a famous cartoon duck. Sadly no! The main cause of this isn’t lack of work; it’s costs.
So if you want to progress from bedroom guitar hero to pub rock star, consider this food for thought, served hot from a bunch of grizzled veterans!

When we started, we did it the same way we knew from our youth – renting out a dusty old unit in an old mill, like so many other bands do.
‘This is great!’, we thought, ‘All of our gear under one roof, ready to plug in, crank up and kick out the jams’. However, as time has gone on, we’ve stepped back and taken stock of what it’s costing us.

Combined rent and electricity of between £250-300 a month, including the need to find the same amount for a deposit. A water bill for surface drainage. It all mounts up.
For a pub gig, we’ll basically get £50 each, so for a large band like ours we’re basically just making the rent and no profit a lot of the time. Often, we run at a loss.

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We started to consider alternatives. Purpose-built rehearsal spaces with proper sound proofing and actual climate control. For £20 an hour or less. Brilliant! Consider that we’re all at least well into our thirties. We have to get up for day jobs. Some of us have children. More still have nagging or demanding partners! We might only rehearse a few hours a month if the stars align.

What’s the catch? Storage. These places usually come with a PA system and a basic drum kit; but we have our own. These items will easily fill half a garage. You don’t leave that stuff in a car or van, because it gets stolen. You don’t leave the drum kit in the drummer’s house, because he then becomes a divorced percussionist!

Combine the ‘pay-to-play’ rehearsal room with a friendly and affordable self-storage provider like Incredible Bulk Self Storage in Bradford though? Now we’re talking! Clean, secure, and tailored to our needs space-wise, we’d be able to keep our small items like guitars at home and leave the 80s-rock styled revolving drum kit and PA stacks in a safe, central location.

For practice time, we’d just rock up for a few quid at the local rehearsal space. When it’s game time, we’d have easy access, with drums and the like boxed up ready to shove in the people carrier. For a small fee they will even look at out-of-hours access, which might prove invaluable after a late night gig.

They’ll even offer 50% off for the first 8 weeks; with long term discounts should we decide to take a longer lease. We are only tied to two weeks’ notice, and all this at a fraction of the price of the old dusty, musty mill.
So what’s not to like? We’re writing our notice to the old place as we speak…

So, if you are interested in band storage, wish to see what storage discounts we have or simply wish speak to a member of the team, please contact Incredible Bulk Storage Bradford today on 01274 975678.

Time to start packing!

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