Preparing Your Business Self Storage Unit for Christmas


As the festive season approaches, businesses in Bradford are bustling with activity. For business owners, this means getting your storage space in order and ensuring that your products, decorations, and additional stock are well-organised and secure. 

We provide top tips on getting your storage unit festive-season ready.

Assess Your Storage Needs

So, why use self storage over Christmas?

First, take stock of how much extra room you’ll require and the types of items you intend to store. Carefully measuring product dimensions and weighing inventory items will ensure you rent an appropriately sized small business storage unit. You don’t want to cram valuable merchandise too tightly or overload shelving. 

Free up Space by Decluttering

Before you start decking the halls, it’s essential to declutter your self storage for business organisation. Sort through your items like equipment, files, and marketing materials and decide what needs to stay, what can be sold or donated, and what should be disposed of. This creates room for important holiday inventory.

Maximise Space in Your Business Storage Unit

During Christmas, when storage space is limited, make sure you use every inch of the space available. Utilising vertical space by installing shelving units, racks, and hooks is key to maximising storage capacity. This can help you avoid stacking heavy boxes that can crush goods stored underneath.  

Categorise Your Christmas Stock

Christmas produces very specific inventory demands. Categorise festive stock, decorations, or gifts separately from everyday business items stored in your unit. Group similar items together and label shelves and bins clearly with easy-to-read storage unit labels noting the product type, quantity, and expiry dates. This prevents wasting time rummaging through non-essential items in your storage for business efficiency.  

Accessing Your Business Self Storage Unit Over Christmas

Consider how often you’ll need to access your business storage units. If you anticipate frequent visits, position your most-used items near the entrance. This will save you time and effort, which is precious during the holiday season.

In addition, ensure you know the Christmas opening hours and access arrangements for your specific storage unit for business. This guarantees you can retrieve essential Christmas stock when urgently required.

Invest in Comprehensive Insurance

Even reliable security can’t guarantee zero stock loss. Protect yourself with comprehensive insurance covering the total value of items in storage. Business continuity insurance also covers revenue loss if stock damage prevents trading. Get sufficient coverage so a storage unit business incident doesn’t cripple you.

Secure Your Stock with Incredible Bulk this Christmas

With some strategic preparation and organisation, you can ensure your commercial storage solutions help rather than hinder business operations this Christmas.

Here at Incredible Bulk, our secure commercial storage units offer 24/7 CCTV and convenient access during this busy period.

With various storage unit sizes available, we can accommodate all your Christmas stock storage needs. Plus, with competitive storage rent rates, you can find the perfect space without breaking the bank.

As part of our personal storage solutions in Bradford, you can even store your Christmas presents with Incredible Bulk!

This Christmas, rely on Incredible Bulk for business self storage that ticks every box. Get in touch on 01274 975678 or use our Quick Quote tool to kickstart getting your secure storage unit Christmas-ready.

Time to start packing!

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