How to Organise your Storage Unit


There is more to self-storage than just piling your belongings into a storage unit. Organising your storage unit correctly can help to make the most of your unit by ensuring your personal storage or business storage isn’t damaged and can be safely accessed. 

Check out our top tips for how to organise a storage unit from the self-storage experts at Incredible Bulk. 

Create an Inventory

Creating a detailed inventory list of all your stored possessions before moving them into a storage unit will make the packing process smoother. It will also help when you need to collect a belonging as you can simply check whether it is on your list.

Knowing exactly what you want to store will also help you to choose the right-sized storage unit and select a storage solution that suits your needs and budget. You may also want to further organise your storage unit by labelling boxes of your stored possessions to make items easier to find. 

Consider Access

You must consider access when organising a storage unit. When packing your belongings into storage, always put larger, bulkier items to the back of the storage unit and items that you regularly require, or may need sooner, at the front. 

For example, if you use our affordable storage units for seasonal storage use, you should keep your seasonal clothing or sports equipment near the front of the storage unit so that you can easily collect it. 

Store Items Vertically 

When organising a storage unit, don’t forget to use all of the space. Storing some larger items, like furniture, vertically will save space for other stored possessions. You may need to disassemble some items, such as a bed frame or large bookcase, to help you make the most of the space and ensure nothing is precariously stacked. 

As a rule, always use the heavier boxes as a base and stack the lighter boxes or belongings on top. 

Leave a Path

If you’re using one of our larger storage units for your personal or business purposes, then it’s likely you’ll require access to some belongings while in the unit. When packing your items and organising your unit, remember to leave a path or narrow aisle in between your belongings so that you can gain access to items at the back of the storage unit. 

You may even consider booking a larger storage unit so that you have the space to retrieve items. If you run a local business or e-commerce company, using a larger storage unit means you can process orders and handle your inventory from inside the unit. 

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