How to Organise a Wardrobe Like a Pro


How to Organise a Wardrobe Like a Pro

Do you dread opening your overflowing wardrobe? Are you faced daily with disorganised piles scattered across the floor and accessories jammed haphazardly onto shelves? An out-of-control closet leads to lateness, anxiety over having nothing to wear, and frustration when you can’t find what you need.

The good news? With some effort devoted to strategically sorting, storing, and downsizing, you can transform that jumbled mess into a tidy sanctuary making getting dressed each day a breeze. Follow these tips to organise your wardrobe in a way that maximises every bit of available space while creating order.

Step #1: Remove Absolutely Everything

Before you can organise your wardrobe, you need to start with a blank slate. Take everything – and we mean everything – out of the closet, drawers and off shelves. It’s time to do a deep dive edit.

Step #2: Group by Clothing Type

Once all items are out, begin sorting them into type piles. All dresses over here, blouses in that corner, trousers next to them. Make designated piles for each garment variety including one for accessories.

Step #3: Assess Each Item

Now go through each pile separately with a fiercely critical eye, asking these questions about each piece:

  • Does it fit properly or require altering?
  • When did I last wear it? Be brutally honest!
  • Does it match my current style and flatter me?

Get ready to let go of items that don’t measure up. This leaves only your favourites that make you feel amazing.

Step #4: Bag It Up

Take all the pieces you’re donating straight to bin bags labeled with charity shop drop-off or resale online. Get them out of the house so they don’t temptation you later.

Step #5: Categorise Accessories

Hats, scarves, jewellery – accessories require their own sorting system into bags, shoe boxes or drawers. Group necklaces, sunglasses and other small items together neatly using trays, dividers and pouches.

Step #6: Choose Wardrobe Storage Pieces

Take stock of what you have for drawers, shelves and hanging rails. When organising your wardrobe, determine if additional storage elements could help you better utilise all available space. Useful additions include drawer and shelf dividers, shelves, hanging racks or over-door storage.

#7 Allocate Drawer Space

Once you’ve added any new storage furniture, allocate drawer space to categories based on volume of items and how often you access them. Daily essentials like socks, underwear and pyjamas should take prime real estate in top drawers. Reserve bottom drawers for out of season clothing like swimsuits and winter accessories.

#8 Use Vertical Space

Often the area above and below hanging rails gets wasted. Utilise this vertical room for storing items other than clothes on hooks or shelves. Store shoes side-by-side in cubbies at eye level for easy grabbing on the go. Transfer bulky sweaters to vacuum storage bags to flatten before sliding onto high shelves.

#9 Hang by Type

When returning clothes to hanging space, group garments by type to streamline outfit assembly. Cluster all trousers together, followed by dresses then formal wear.

Place items you access most often – like everyday work tops- front and centre for convenience. Having a predictable visible order makes getting ready simple.

#10 Invest in Sturdy Hangers

Well-constructed wooden (not wire) hangers maintain the shape of clothing like suit jackets and delicate blouses. Slim hangers provide more space than bulky options allowing you to hang more items neatly. Colour code hangers by clothing type or colour palette if that level or visible organisation appeals.

#11 Add Dividers

Whether your clothing shares shelf space with linens or undergarments occupy one drawer, use vertical dividers to separate categories clearly. Labels listing contents eliminate frustrating searching when opening a crammed drawer.

#12 Store Seasonally

Bulky winter coats and travel luggage don’t need prime wardrobe access during warmer months. Under bed storage, vehicle rooftop carriers or garage shelving are ideal seasonal overflow solutions.

Consider self-storage rental if extra household space feels limited. Transfer off-season apparel in clearly categorized boxes to free up wardrobe capacity as the calendar shifts.

#13 Purge Sentimental Clothing

We all have those pieces we cling to for emotional reasons that sadly, no longer fit, are terribly out of style or got irrevocably damaged. As tough it can be, clear this deadwood from your wardrobe space.

Letting go allows room for new items that do fit your current lifestyle. Take photos before donating special apparel if needed.

#14 Arrange by Colour

Coordinate wardrobe contents by colour grouping for a rainbow effect that also enables easier outfit assembly. Cluster all blacks together along the rail interrupted by brighter blocks of blue and white.

Apply this chromatic styling inside dresser drawers too. Follow colour gradients or create contrasting sections according to your personal preference.

#15 Design For Daily Outfits

Place the clothes you reach for most regularly – simple tees, neutral trousers, common accessories at the centre. Design your storage flow around daily essentials you depend on to make getting ready faster, then build out from there with business wear, formal attire and seasonal clothing progressing toward the periphery.

#16 Add Low Shelving For Shoes

Whilst hanging racks accommodate clothes best, shoes stack more neatly on shelves. Install shelves above floor level to reduce dust and damage.

Aim for a height where stored shoes won’t topple over easily when pulling out footwear. Consider adding a shallow rail designated for only heels, which require being stored horizontally.

#17 Use Clear Storage Containers

Store hats, mittens, scarves and other cold weather gear in transparent bins labelled with content details. This allows you to instantly see needed items versus rooting through mystery containers while getting ready in a rush on a winter morning. This clear boxing approach also works for undergarments, tights and belts.

#18 Make An Ironing Station

Reduce time needed to have freshly pressed clothing by creating designated ironing space within your wardrobe zone. Have an outlet safely installed inside the wardrobe area if possible then stash an ironing board that folds down off a wall or back of a wardrobe door when needed. Hang a multi-hook rack for clothing waiting to be ironed or just set out.

#19 Add Mirror Space

Having well-positioned mirrors inside your newly organised wardrobe allows you to quickly preview an outfit combination and assess fit issues before dressing and leaving home.

Consider placing removable adhesive mirrors like those made by White Winston inside cupboard doors to provide reflective wall space. Stand alone mirrors on adjustable stands also deliver useful visibility.

#20 Store Carefully By Material

Some fabrics require special handling in order to prevent permanent wrinkles or misshaping on hangers. Store silks, sequined pieces, lace accents and fine knits folded flat within drawers, preferably in acid-free tissue. Reserve hanging space for sturdy cottons, wools, denim, and jersey knits instead.

#21 Create An Accessory Tower

Vertical wall space gets wasted in most wardrobes, especially down by the floor. Make use of this real estate to build a tower or tiered set of shelves, small cubbies and miniature drawers to neatly organise jewelry, belts, sunglasses and other accessories. Place them within reach near clothing racks.

#22 Add Custom Shelving

While pre-made storage solutions have improved greatly, consider fully custom cabinetry if your budget allows. Bespoke shelving and drawers built precisely to a space’s odd dimensions and angles can transform awkward areas into highly utilised storage.

The precise fit reduces dust-collecting gaps found behind expandable shelf kits inserted into existing wardrobes.

#23 Create Outfit Capsule Wardrobes

Simplify getting dressed by curating a set of versatile mix-and-match basics that allow easy outfit assembly. Build a core wardrobe of staple pieces like jeans, white tees, neutral trousers and simple dresses that all coordinate then accessorise to create fresh daily looks. Cluster these few essentials along one rail or drawer for grab-and-go ease.

#24 Invest In Storage Inserts

Customise existing wardrobes to suit your needs better using aftermarket organisational inserts like those from HangUps. The configurable racks, shelves and drawers sized for precise areas convert previously dead space into usable storage real estate. Consider inserts above doorways or in shadowed sections of roomy walk-in wardrobes.

#25 Maintain With Seasonal Purges

While initially tackling wardrobe clutter takes serious work, maintaining order requires smaller doses of effort consistently. Allocate time twice annually – as winter turns to spring and summer drifts toward fall – for seasonal wardrobe cleansing. Reassess clothing needs, remove unwearns, size check changing figures, restore order. Establishing this habit prevents overload.

To Finish…

Follow these wardrobe organisation methods for sanity-saving clothing storage and mornings that no longer induce panic. Take time to thoroughly edit contents, create logical systems that suit your daily routine, then maintain wardrobe order with gradual seasonal tweaks rather than letting chaos regain a foothold. Investing effort into an organised sanctuary pays dividends in peace of mind.

Need Extra Storage Space?

Now that you’ve organised your wardrobe and cleaned out unused items, you may find you still need additional capacity to house seasonal clothing, memorabilia, or overflow belongings. Incredible Bulk offers secure self-storage units to help manage your storage needs all year long.

Our climate-controlled facilities for storage in Bradford ensure your stored items remain clean, dry and unharmed until you need them again. With units in convenient locations around Bradford, we can accommodate any size storage requirements from individual item overflow to an entire household contents.

Get an instant quote online today or call our helpful team at 01274 975678 to discuss the best storage options to suit your needs after your wardrobe overhaul!

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