How storage solutions help the short-term traveller


How storage solutions help the short-term traveller

They say that the world is your oyster. Jetting off on a gap year, taking a sabbatical,
or making the most of the long summer months before university starts again are all
opportunities that have to be grasped with both hands.

Yet the thought of storing your belongings in a safe and secure way probably hasn’t
crossed your mind. Find out how using a professional storage facility for your short-
term travels will help you out financially in the long run.

Sandwich in a gap year

The millennial generation sees how accessible the world is nowadays, and that urge
to change things up and go on an adventure is much easier to achieve (if you have
saved and planned your trip well).

Use self storage to see the world

That’s why gap years and sandwich degree courses have become exceedingly more
popular over the past 15-20 years. Over 230,000 18-25 year-olds are on a gap year
right now, according to the Year Out Group.

Taking that adventure straight out of school makes packing up and going a little
easier. The hotel of mum and dad will still be waiting for you on your return, no doubt
with your bedroom still intact. It’s also likely that they are helping to fund the timeout,
as “British parents spend as much as £995 million a year helping to fund gap years”.

Your situation may be slightly different if you have embarked on a sandwich course,
which involves working in another location for a fixed amount of time in between your
degree. The University of Bradford offers roughly 13 courses with placement years
included. These provide students with the opportunity to gain work experience in their chosen field, which is incredibly
important for future employers looking a graduate CVs. For more information on placements please check out Bradford University Courses.

Bradford university offer a range of student exchange programs.

The same applies if you choose to take your gap year mid-degree. It is then likely
that you’ll have belongings that need storing until you return. Our Bradford storage facility,
based just 1.2 miles from Bradforangingty centre, range from lockers that hold up to five
boxes of small items, to large containers that will hold thousands of boxes.

What’s more, your belongings will all be there on your return. Apparently, 66% of
students take their academic work more seriously after a gap year, so you’ll need
those expensive books and computers in tip-top condition!

International Students

We are proud that Bradford offers such a diverse University campus that attracts
international students from across the world. In fact, The University of Bradford
welcomes 15% of students from more than 150 different countries each academic year.

Taking the major step to study outside your home country is massively exciting, but
comes with a couple of challenges when the long summer break arrives. For those
students who plan to return home, take an internship in another part of the country,
or take time to travel around Europe, there is the little question of what are you going
to do with all your stuff?

Incredible Bulk offers students at the University storage rates that start from as little
as £1 per day. For this wallet-friendly price, the ‘Incredible’ team will safely store up
to five boxes of personal possessions such as books, clothing, computers and
equipment throughout the summer holidays and deliver them back to a Bradford
address on your return. It’s that easy, and we understand that you need easy after a
gruelling slife-changing

Taking a grown-up gap year

Sabbaticals are not just about moving departments in your office for a few months.
They can be far more life changing than that. Normally it involves taking a year out of
your current profession to experience something new.

According to The Guardian, the government is intending to offer teachers with more
than 10 years experience a year’s paid sabbatical. Teachers will be allowed to take
time out to spend a year in their relevant profession or learn new techniques in their
existing field of expertise.

Teac hers may be able to take a paid sabbatical

It’s not just teachers who keen on the idea of a sabbatical. In fact, 62% of UK
participants surveyed in an Opodo survey said they would consider taking a
sabbatical if it was offered to them. Whether they could afford an unpaid one is a
different story.

After all, taking a year out is a long time to continue paying the rent or mortgage on
your home without any return. Sub-letting or renting out your home for the time you
are away is a great option. That’s where the Incredible team comes in. We offer
affordable self-storage facilities on fixed-term contracts, allowing you to keep all your
stuff safely stored away so that you can enjoy your much needed year out.

Get an Incredible Bulk quote

To get a rough guide to storage costs and recommendations, visit here. Otherwise,
get in touch and one of our experienced team members will advise you on the best
and most affordable self-storage solutions in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

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Gap year statistics to help take the leap

Gap year statistics to help take the leap

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