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Prepare for next Winter with Our List of Firewood Storage Solutions!

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As winter is drawing to a close, we’ll gradually begin to benefit from lower gas and electric bills as the amount of heating needed gradually decreases. While most houses in the UK use regular central heating to warm each room, many people over the last decade have incorporated a cosy and stylish log burner to add an alternative heating method (not to mention heaps of style!).

In this handy post, we’ll be taking a look at the best Firewood Storage Solutions which will give the best insight into how best to store your firewood throughout the coming year until it’s time to break it out again for next winter.

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Image Source: Slatted Screen Fencing

Firewood Storage Solutions: Find a Dry Storage Area

When it comes to finding the perfect place to keep firewood, one of the most important factors you should consider is how dry the area is. Protecting next winter’s firewood from leaks, damp or spills is critical, as the wood will need to dry out over the coming months to ensure it burns properly once winter comes around.

For those who are willing to sacrifice garden or garage space, a log store could be the ideal solution. These simple containers are purpose built to keep logs dry year-round, ensuring that when you next fire-up the log burner, stove or fireplace, your wood will be in perfect burning condition.

Wood stores are not a ‘fix-all’ however, while they do offer a secure solution to firewood storage, they are generally large, clunky and a little unsightly. For those who aren’t willing to sacrifice the space and aesthetic value of their garden, there are other solutions available.

Firewood Storage Solutions: Buy as you Use!

Image showing a log burning stove

Readers who only use firewood occasionally couple easily sidestep the need for firewood storage altogether.

There are many stylish log baskets or carriers that can sit comfortably beside your fireplace that not only acts as a convenient place to keep a small amount of firewood, but also adds to the overall aesthetic of the room. Vintage or Country Farmhouse interior décor styles benefit massively from small additions such as a small stack of firewood, meaning if you don’t need space for a large store of firewood, this is a stylish solution that could be perfect for you!

Firewood Storage Solutions: Store with the Rest!

Anyone who uses a lot of firewood to keep their home warm year-round will know that buying in bulk when you find a good price can save a lot of money over a year. However finding a convenient space to store so much firewood is another matter, especially if you don’t have the outdoor or garage space to keep it.

Many people have discovered that self-storage units are a perfect place to store firewood (as well as all other bulky items!). The dry, secure lockups allow you to come and go as you please, whilst keeping your home free from clutter and mess that would come with storing the logs yourself.

Be sure to enquire with Incredible Bulk Storage Bradford to find out how much you could save on self-storage units, you’re sure to be surprised!

Time to start packing!

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