The Many Benefits Of A Clutter Free Home


With contemporary designs and interiors being a popular choice in our homes over the last decade or two, it has shifted our decor tastes too. Having homes full of trinkets and ‘souvenirs of life’ isn’t on trend anymore, with minimalist styles being far more the norm

But it’s very easy for your gorgeously fuss-free rooms to start to build up their own little ‘followings’ with piles of ‘stuff’ threatening to destroy your lust for sparse spaces. A spare room becomes a general dumping ground, a dining table is a new homework, hobby and home business hub and the bathroom is starting to look like a library in many homes these days.

All you need to do is look at Netflix and you’ll even see season upon season of ‘space experts’ and no we don’t mean Brian Cox, sharing how you can declutter your space to fall in love with it all over again.

Marie Kondo – one of the space ace’s herself recommends you take each item in your home and ask if it still brings you joy? We’re more likely to ask if you can you still move in your house but each to their own eh!

If you’re wondering why you’re more irritable when your cluttered home is holding your emotions to ransom over the lack of space though, read on our lovely little space cadet! We’re going on a whistle-stop tour of what a difference those unsorted piles are making to your health (no not those piles!):

Encourages Calm and Reduces Stress and Anxiety…

If you think that what your life looks like on the outside is a reflection of what your brain is doing on the inside, it’s no wonder that clutter feels like mental carnage. It overwhelms our incessantly busy brains and overloads our senses to the point where we can no longer ignore it.

We often call this the tipping point but in a clutter context, it may as well be the point where you take everything to the tip in a fit of irritable rage if you’re not careful!

More zzz’s…

As much as you’d love it to sometimes, your brain doesn’t totally switch off when you go to sleep. It has some really handy tips that it loves to share with you in the middle of the night. Like reminding you that the dining tables’ Tower Of Pisa is about to topple, or that you’re going to be late for work tomorrow because your favourite shoes are hidden in the great floordrobe.

Clearing your bedroom clutter will make a significant difference to your sleep quality. Knowing the last wishes before sleep was for a minimalist haven for your brain to relax within will translate very directly into much better relaxation and consequently, sleep. 

Discover Buried Treasures…

No, we don’t just mean those shoes in the floordrobe. There’s nothing worse than continually misplacing things and having to hunt high and low to find them – car keys being one of the worst as we’ve seen grown men reduced to tears over lost keys! Having a good declutter can be great fun too though as you have a good sort through your items and reminisce over them too. In Marie Kondo’s words, long lost items you’d forgotten you had can really bring you joy again, so ‘check-in’ with yourself on which of your treasures you’re loving for that real hit of the happy chemicals as your brain takes you back down memory lane.

Breezy Cleaning…

The more ‘stuff’ you have, the more stuff you have to clean. Your time is precious and by the time you’ve finished your day of slog at the office etc, you want to come home and relax. Cleaning can be really cathartic, but you want your home to look like it’s been cleaned and tidied and pockets and piles of junk always detract from that. Not only has it taken lots longer to clean and tidy your home, but it can look virtually untouched after all that effort too.

It’s like permanently living partway down your ‘to-do’ list – very frustrating! Giving the house a really good purge of the ‘unnecessaries’ makes it far easier to stay organised and gives your home it’s sparkle back again so you can chill and enjoy it.

Breathe More Easily…

Talking of breezy cleaning, we all know that when you give your house a good clean, all those dust, pet hair and pollen particles get into the air. Having extra clutter for it to live within means it can accumulate even more in all kinds of places.  Less clutter will allow the air to flow more freely through your home – no build-ups in extra textiles or paper lying around or additional hidey holes for the dust. If you have any friends or family with allergies, hay fever or asthma that’s the last thing you want so they’ll be grateful for you minimising the clutter. Home should be your own breath of fresh air!

Save Money As Well As Space…

The handy thing about a sort out is that once you have gone to the effort of creating some space (and seeing all of your furniture and floor again!) you want to keep it that way. It can stop you splashing out on sporadic or unnecessary purchases which would start to fill up your home again.

That’s before you mention that you can eBay or car boot what you decide to let go of and make yourself some extra money in the process too.

Make your home incredible again with some clever storage…

Declutters and purges can be a tricky experience! How many years can you keep saying you still want that velvet Austin Powers stylee suit without wearing it??

There are plenty of your treasures that aren’t in use every day but you’ll still want to keep hold of. Sentimental toys, heirlooms, school work – you’ll want to know the source of all those memories is safe.

Which is where our Bradford self-storage services come in… 

At Incredible Bulk, you can secure clean and dry storage units in a variety of sizes for as little or as long as you like – who knows when the next Austin Powers party will be?? 

Time to start packing!

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