A Rundown of Organising Storage to Maximise Space


Finding enough storage space for all your belongings can be challenging, especially in a small home. Getting organised and properly utilising storage solutions is key to maximising the space you do have. 

We provide a rundown of helpful organising storage tips and products to help you tidy up and make the most of your storage.

Optimising Drawers

Drawers are essential for storage organisation. Start by removing everything from your drawers and sorting items into categories, then discard anything you no longer need.

You can use drawer storage boxes or drawer baskets to group items together, which makes locating them easier. Look for small storage baskets and organising boxes that fit neatly into your existing drawers.

Closet Organisation

Like drawers, cupboard and closet spaces benefit greatly from the proper organisation of storage. Install hooks, shelves, and storage boxes or baskets to divide space and prevent things from piling up chaotically. You can use storage baskets for clothes to store accessories or clothing types neatly. 

In addition, rolling storage carts are useful for holding items that don’t hang, such as sweaters, purses, and shoes. Try to store by category, and frequently used items should go at eye level for easy access.

Multipurpose Furniture

Sometimes, the storage furniture itself needs an upgrade to suit your organising needs better. Look for storage solution furniture like sideboards, cabinets, ottomans, and benches that are both functional and provide storage space. Multipurpose furniture, like a storage bench that lifts to reveal inner compartments is ideal. 

When it comes to multipurpose bedroom furniture, dressing tables with built-in drawers, shelves, and dressing table storage baskets keep all your getting-ready items organised.

Plastic Storage Containers 

Plastic storage containers are a versatile way to organise almost anything. Look for sturdy boxes with secure lids to hold items without risk of spilling. Storage containers come in many shapes and sizes to suit your needs. For example, rectangular and square boxes stack nicely on shelves, while long, low bins can hold arts and crafts items or gift wrap supplies. 

Some storage boxes even have organisers to divide sections within them. Remember to label your storage containers to make finding things even simpler.

Hanging Storage

Hanging storage is great for garages, attics, storage units, and where floor space is limited. Storage organisers like over-the-door shoe bags and hanging canvas bins maximise vertical space. Use them to neatly store seasonal items, sports equipment, or tools.

Additionally, hanging storage baskets for clothes are perfect in kids’ rooms and wardrobes to organise accessories.

Need More Room? Incredible Bulk Has You Covered

Organising storage is a practical and efficient way to maximise your space, whether it be at home, the office, or a self-storage unit. From tidy boxes to stylish storage baskets for drawers, the options are plentiful and can be tailored to your space and requirements. 

Sometimes, even the most organised home needs extra storage space, which is where Incredible Bulk comes in. Our secure self-storage units are the perfect solution when you’ve run out of home organisation tricks. We provide top-quality personal storage with 24/7 CCTV monitoring. 

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