A Guide to Bulk Storage


If you need to store large or unusually shaped items, we’ve got the perfect solution at Incredible Bulk. Here’s everything you need to know about our bulk storage service at our self-storage facility in Bradford. 

What is bulk storage?

Bulk storage allows you to store big and bulky items with ease! Discover the most easily accessible bulk storage at the Incredible Bulk storage facility in Bradford. Our bulk storage service is similar to warehouse storage but is available to both personal storage and business storage customers and ideal for storing anything from furniture to motorbikes. 

Is bulk storage available short-term?

Bulk storage at our Bradford self-storage facility is available on a long-term or short-term basis. Customers can use our bulk storage service as part of their ongoing business operations or as a short-term solution. 

Businesses can use our self-storage facility as a long-term warehouse facility and for occasional or regular bulk storage needs.

How secure is bulk storage? 

All of our bulk storage customers benefit from the peace of mind that their stored items are safe and secure. The Incredible Bulk storage facility is an insured premise that boasts a range of security measures, including external and internal CCTV, intruder alarms, overnight security guards and security doors. How secure is Incredible Bulk Self-storage?

Why choose the Incredible Bulk Self Storage Facility?

When you choose the Incredible Bulk Self Storage facility for your bulk storage needs you’ll benefit from the support of our experienced self-storage team. With our bulk storage service, you can be sure your possessions are safe, secure and protected from the elements. Take a look at our Google reviews to see why our self-storage customers choose Incredible Bulk. 

Where is the Incredible Bulk Self Storage Facility?

Find Incredible Bulk Self Storage at Unit 9A, Whetley Mills, Thornton Road, Bradford,

BD8 8LQ. We’re close to both Bradford city centre and the A6177. We’re a local family-run company providing bulk storage in Bradford since 2015. 

How do you book bulk storage?

Use our straightforward Get A Quote service to book bulk storage in Bradford. Simply select the type of storage you require and how long you need it. If you’d prefer an individual storage unit for your business or personal self-storage, take a look at our storage size guide to choose the right size for your requirements.  For more information on bulk storage or to book by phone, call our friendly and experienced self-storage team on 01274 975678. 

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