8 tips for a cozy guest room – our best inspiration


Whether you are pulling out a mattress under the bed or having a full room set up for overnight guests, the team at Incredible Bulk wanted to leave you with a few tips and ideas to provide your guests with an extra special stay! 

Here you will find 10 tips that will make your guest room extra cozy.

1. Comfortable bedding

Nothing is more inviting than crisp sheets and a fluffy down quilt. As we all know, a good night’s sleep gives the best possible start to the next day allowing your guests to make the most of their stay with you.

A cosy sleeping setup will also ensure that you are the favoured host when guests return to your area.

2. Hooks and hangers

Depending on the size of your property, guest rooms are seldom the biggest of rooms which makes sense to ensure that there are areas to store their clothing and items during their stay – This is where wall-hung storage becomes particularly important. 

Free up the small floor space available from suitcases and packing and set up shelves and hooks….. if you have a spare wardrobe, even better!

Open clothing storage can also be a good way to make guests feel at home – this allows a guest to put their own character in the room with their favourite garments visible.

3. Soap and towels

Creams, soaps and shampoos are always a nice touch when welcoming guests. Having these items laid out on the bed is a particularly nice touch as everything that they will require for that evening bath or morning shower is available to them straight away.

No host wants an early morning wakeup call off a guest asking where the towels are kept!

4. Spotlighting

Make sure there is good lighting in the guest room.  A lamp on each bedside table will allow nighttime reading whilst others sleep.

Good lighting can really enhance the mood of a person with the folks at saying – “some measured benefits of LED lights include not only healthier brains and access to a night of deeper sleep, but also improved concentration & energy, lower stress & anxiety and increased motivation”.

5. Charger and wifi

Having a spare charger for guests will go a long way. Sadly, in this day and age, we are at a point where a low battery can affect a persons behaviour. The fear of missing out (fomo for short) on local news, sporting events and more is enough to add a little hint of anxiety.

To go that extra mile, why not leave the wireless password on the bedside table.

6. Maximize the space

Even if you like to have family and friends visiting, you may not want this every night, unless you are a hotel or guest house.  Therefore, make sure that the room is efficiently used, both when used by yourself and during hospitable weekends. 

Using the guest bedroom to store your books will free up space in other areas and enhance the aesthetic for guests.

Also, try and source a bed with hidden storage as this will allow you to keep spare pillows, linen and blankets out of the way of your daily hustle.

7. Hang in a bathrobe

Nobody is particularly keen to squeeze in a pair of stiff jeans the morning after the night before. Offer your guests the ultimate luxury by hanging up a bathrobe. They are found in everything from terry to fleece and cotton and thus also different price ranges.

8. The little extra

Finally, these are the final details that add a little extra. Set a scented candle or a bouquet of flowers in season.

stay in touch for more hints and tips designed to make life that little bit easier. For all storage related terms please contact Incredible Bulk Storage Bradford on 01274 975 678.

Time to start packing!

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