5 Tips for Better Wardrobe Organisation


Having an organised wardrobe is essential to making sure you’re able to find the outfit pieces you need, with minimal fuss and effort. Whether you’re looking for a special item of clothing for work, or a more casual weekend look, good organisation within your wardrobe is key.

In this blog post, we’ll share our top 5 wardrobe organisation tips to help make getting dressed in the morning quicker and simpler.

1 – Sort your clothes into categories 

Organising your closet can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking the time to sort your clothes into different categories such as casual, workwear and formal wear can be incredibly beneficial. Not only will separating your outfits make it easier to quickly find something to wear in the morning, it’ll also save you time and money when you’re out buying new garments. You’re more likely to know exactly what you need and won’t find yourself buying pieces that already exist in your wardrobe.

2 – Hang items that are easily creased such as linen and silk

Garments made from linen and silk tend to require special care because of their delicate nature or how easily they crease. But with the right tools, you can hang them easily and keep your wardrobe organised without compromising their quality. The trick is to get the correct hangers for each material to prevent the material from being overstretched. Taking the time to find exactly the right type of hanger means that your items will stay in good condition and wrinkle-free without laborious steaming or dry cleaning.

3 – Fold bulky items to save space in drawers

When it comes to bulky items such as sweaters, coats and jeans, folding is the way to go. Folding these pieces will help you save space in your drawers and keep them organised for easy access. Make sure to fold your clothing neatly – this will prevent wrinkles from forming and make it easier to take out when needed.

4 – Utilise the back of your wardrobe door with hooks or hangers for accessories 

If you’re looking for creative and effective ways to save space and maximise storage in your bedroom, make the back of your wardrobe door work for you! Enhance your closet with hooks or hangers that can be used to organise scarves, ties, hats, jewellery or any other accessories you have. Not only will this help keep your bedroom tidy and organised, it’s also a great way to easily access your items when getting dressed. 

5 – Use a self storage to store seasonal clothes

Storing seasonal clothes is a great way to keep your closet organised and uncluttered. Instead of having a wardrobe bursting with coats and thick sweaters during the summer, using a self storage unit allows you to store all your warm attire until the winter months come around. This can help free up valuable space in your closet and spare you the hassle of digging through mountains of clothing every time you switch seasons.

Taking the time to sort, arrange and store your clothes properly is essential for keeping your wardrobe organised and clutter-free. From hanging delicate items to using the back of your wardrobe door for accessories, these wardrobe organising tips can maximise storage space and improve wardrobe organisation.

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