5 Amazing Reasons you Should Use Self-Storage for Business


Using self-storage units for business is becoming more common every day, and with very good reason. From saving tons of money on costly business premises to protecting valuable equipment and documents, there is so much to be gained from utilising the great perks that come with business self-storage units.

However, it is important to understand that not all UK based storage companies are intended for business use. Using facilities that are old, insecure or poorly maintained can get business users into a spot of bother if used for anything except standard storage (and even then, inferior facilities can be risky). Luckily with Incredible Bulk Storage, our units are safe, secure and equipped to deal with all of your business needs!

Here’s just a handful of the many great perks to using Incredible Bulk for business!


It’s fair to say that any responsible business owner would ensure their business premises or storage facility is safe and secure above all things. The safety of yourself, your staff and even your equipment is without question one of the most important aspects of running a business, and at our secure Bradford storage facility, you get exactly that. Our facilities have full CCTV coverage, secure exit and entry points and modern security systems, meaning your unit is 100% secure day and night. 

Business Essentials

There are certain things every modern business needs to operate in today’s fast-paced environment. Our facility has staff available to help with all requirements, can help with removals/moving processes and have equipment available to help load your products/items in a safe and easy manner. 


Accessibility to your storage unit is vital. Whether it’s a client looking to reach your business place for a meeting, a staff member making their morning commute or simply a van-load of items making their way to storage, the ability to easily access our facilities is something we always pay close attention to. That’s why at Incredible Bulk, you’ll find that our secure storage facility is easy to access from main roads and motorways, and can be easily located and marked using Google Maps!


Sometimes it’s the little perks and conveniences that make our facility more comfortable and enjoyable, and we strive to provide those for our customers too. From well-maintained toilet facilities to an onsite packaging shop, Incredible Bulk provides all of the facilities and conveniences you would come to expect from a premium storage provider.

On-Site Assistance

Our facilities are staffed throughout all opening hours. Not only is this great for standard businesses who require help or information regarding our onsite facilities, but it’s also useful for businesses storing large or heavy equipment with us.

So there we have just 5 of the many great advantages to using Incredible Bulk for all of your business needs. Remember, whether you’re looking to use one of our secure and affordable units as your business premises or simply just to safely store business equipment or archives, you can do it all with Incredible Bulk Storage!

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