23 Clever Home Storage Solutions for Small Spaces


Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on organisation and storage. With some clever home storage solutions, you can maximise every inch to keep your home tidy and clutter-free. This article reveals 23 ingenious home storage ideas to help make the most of your limited space.

Utilise Wall Space

Walls offer prime real estate for storage that often goes overlooked. Taking advantage of vertical space is key in a small home.

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Floating Shelves

Install floating shelves on walls around your home. In the kitchen, use them to store spices, cans, or cookbooks. They are perfect for holding those frequently used cooking essentials right within arm’s reach. In the bathroom, corral towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

Entryways, bedrooms, and living rooms also benefit from wall-mounted shelves. Choose styles and positions that suit your decor. Floating shelves come in a wide variety of materials like wood, metal, or glass. Opt for open shelves or ones with doors – whichever meets your home storage solution needs.

Make sure to properly install them into studs for safety and stability. Spacing standard-sized shelves 8-12 inches apart creates a coordinated look.

Wall Racks

Wall-mounted racks come in many forms – coat racks, hat/scarf holders, key hooks, mail organisers, etc. Entryways are ideal for these racks since outerwear and accessories can be stored conveniently by the door.

Bedrooms and mudrooms also benefit from racks to neatly store daily accessories right where you need them when coming and going.

Choose wall racks with hooks, pegs, or bars to suit the items you need to store. Stagger them at different heights for visual appeal and to accommodate different users.

Make sure they are properly secured into studs then artfully arrange frequently used items for quick grab-and-go access.

Wall-Mounted Storage Boxes and Baskets

Storage boxes and baskets can be wall-mounted too. Use them in the bathroom to contain toiletries, makeup, hair accessories, medications, and first aid supplies.

The kitchen is another spot where mounted boxes work well for storing packets of food, small appliances, or displayed cookbooks. Get creative with the positioning!

Wall-mounted woven baskets add texture and warmth to any space. Sturdy wooden or metal boxes offer concealed home storage solutions whilst complementing your style. Space them creatively on the wall or stack them uniformly for a polished gallery effect. Labelling adds function and personality.

Repurpose Furniture for Smart Storage

With some DIY magic, existing furniture pieces can be adapted into functional home storage solutions. Make the most of what you already have.

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Drawers Under Bed

Slide plastic drawers or fabric bins under the bed to take advantage of this otherwise wasted space. Use them to store extra linens, clothing, shoes, toys, seasonal items, or anything you want out of sight. Add labels to the front of the drawers for an organised look that makes finding things easy.

Measure the space under your bed frame to find drawers or bins that maximise the size. Opt for units with caster wheels for easy rolling access.

If the space is extra deep, double stack two rows of drawers to double your storage capacity. Categorise contents using colour-coded drawers or detailed labels.

Bookcase Cabinets

Turn a basic bookcase into a storage cabinet by adding doors. Attach doors to the front or style them “barn door” style.

This hides clutter while keeping items neat yet accessible. Use the closet rod inside to hang clothing. Use it in living rooms, playrooms, bedrooms, and home offices to conceal what you don’t want on constant display. Choose cabinet doors to match or contrast your bookcase style and room decor. Glass panel doors maintain some visibility while concealing contents.

For a more polished built-in look, attach wood frame moulding around the bookcase before adding doors. Use the enclosed storage to neatly corral toys, clothing, files, media, craft supplies, or whatever you need.

Use Hanging Organisers

Hanging shoe organisers inside closet doors are great for stocking footwear, accessories, purses, belts, ties, scarves, and more

Hanging jewellery armoires or clothing storage bags also make use of door space. Choose hanging organisers in your preferred style and material – canvas, mesh, vinyl, or fabric. Install over-the-door options or hang them from closet rods. Multi-pocket organisers keep everything visible and accessible. For concealed home storage, use hanging garment bags or armoires with doors. Group items stored together based on frequency of use or category.

Install Double Hanging Rods

Double closet rods double your hanging storage capacity. Use them for clothing layers based on season, child/adult garments, or formal/casual division. Adjust the rod height to suit your needs. Measure your closet space and determine the ideal rod placement and height for your needs before installing.

Opt for two different height adjustments to accommodate all users and clothing types. The upper rod can hold seasonal apparel, formal wear, or speciality items safely out of the way. Dual rods also allow air circulation between clothes to prevent mildew and odours.

Embrace Display Storage

Open home storage solutions show off style all the while keeping things accessible. Use these ideas to neatly display items with pride.

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Mounted Utensil Racks

In small kitchens, mount utensil crocks or metal racks on walls to display cooking tools. Not only decorative, this makes spatulas, ladles, tongs, and other utensils easily reachable when cooking. Position near the stove for convenience.

Opt for materials like ceramic, wood, or metal to complement your kitchen decor. Include hooks for bulky tools like potato mashers that won’t fit in crocks. Keep countertops clear by mounting racks near the prep and cook areas.

Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

Coat trees and wall hooks by the entryway corral coats, hats, and bags in plain sight. Not having to open closet doors saves time when heading out.

Choose hooks that complement your decor. Stagger them at different heights for visual interest. Seek hall trees with built-in storage for umbrellas, shoes, and other belongings.

Place wall hooks near the entrance at heights suited for kids and adults. For small items, include a shelf above hooks to neatly store mittens, scarves, and hats.

Floating Corner Shelves

Floating corner shelves exploit wasted space where walls meet. Display photos, plants, books, and knick-knacks out in the open.

Use in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices to show off mementos with pride. Choose corner shelves sized right for the space. Style them simplistically for a clean look or pick more ornate designs. Illuminate displays with battery-powered or plug-in shelf lights.

Keep items sparingly arranged so they don’t overcrowd the space.

Contain Clutter With Bins

Boxes, baskets, and bins keep small items organised and out of sight. Containing clutter prevents messy chaos in compact homes.

Under Sink Storage

Plastic bins under bathroom and kitchen sinks tidy up toiletries, cleaning products, medications, first aid items, garbage bags, and more out of sight.

Labelled bins make retrieving items easy. Mount them to maximise vertical storage too. Choose crates and baskets that maximise cabinet space. Stackable styles with straight sides use space most efficiently. Clean up pipes before installing so bins slide all the way back.

Label the front of each bin clearly indicating contents.

Woven Baskets

Woven baskets suit small spaces better than rigid boxes. Use them to store toys, blankets, accessories, craft supplies, or laundry.

Baskets come in assorted sizes, styles, colours, and materials to suit any decor. Seek baskets in natural fibres like rattan, bamboo, cotton, jute, or seagrass for an organic look. Use lids on baskets when you want concealed storage.

For display, choose open weave styles to hint at contents. Coordinate basket colours to tie together your room scheme.

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans pull double duty as seating and concealed home storage solutions. Use them in living rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms to stow everything from games and toys to extra pillows and blankets.

Lift-top styles have hinges for easy access. Look for ottomans with generous storage space inside – they should hold more than you think!

Sturdy wooden or leather ottomans with lift-off tops work well. Position them near beds, sofas, or chairs so they can also provide a footrest when closed.

Final Thoughts on Maximising Small Spaces

With some clever planning and storage products, small homes can stay neat, tidy, and organised. Use these 23 home storage solution ideas as inspiration to maximise every inch of space.

Our home self-storage units in Bradford, ranging from 10sqft to 250sqft, offer the perfect self-storage solution when you’re decluttering your home.

Be creative and have fun finding ways to tackle clutter in your compact home. Proper storage is attainable, even in the smallest of spaces!

Time to start packing!

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